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Ginger & Bran Biscuits - A Recipe

Ginger & Bran Biscuits are one of my favourite biscuits. They've actually become a firm family favourite (my mum and my sister also make them) after we copied it down from the back of an All-bran box when I was a child. 

I've adapted the recipe from the original over the years – but not by much. I’ve added more ginger and cook them for slightly less at a reduced temperature as I found them to be too hard previously. Now they are chewy and deliciously moreish.

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Simple Scones - A Recipe

A friend is coming over at lunchtime but you've nothing in the fridge. Or your children/husband/wife/partner has had a long day and you want them to return to a warm, inviting home. Or, you simply need some comfort for yourself.

You just need a few ingredients. Flour, butter, sugar, milk. A few bits of kit. An oven, a baking tray and a pastry cutter. 

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