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Ginger & Bran Biscuits - A Recipe

Ginger & Bran Biscuits are one of my favourite biscuits. They've actually become a firm family favourite (my mum and my sister also make them) after we copied it down from the back of an All-bran box when I was a child. 

I've adapted the recipe from the original over the years – but not by much. I’ve added more ginger and cook them for slightly less at a reduced temperature as I found them to be too hard previously. Now they are chewy and deliciously moreish.

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My beautiful relationship with homemade damson jam (plus recipe)

You know when you haven't seen a really good friend for ages but when you meet up it's like you've never been apart? Well, that's how it is with me and homemade damson jam.

And I don't mean it's lesser cousin, shop bought damson jam, I mean HOMEMADE damson jam.

I have been looking forward to making damson jam now for two whole years. We planted the tree about four years ago and it bore fruit in it's second year. Only enough for about four jars of jam, but that was four jars of a-mazing jam.

Then, last year, there was nothing. Not a single solitary damson.

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How to make a blackberry & apple crumble

We have swiftly arrived at one of my favourite times of year. Harvest time. The tractors and combines are out in the fields all around us, rumbling past our house at all times of the day. Gradually they're changing the colour of the landscape as they cut the barley or the wheat and fill tractors with their precious bounty. Then the ploughs come out and turn the stubble back into the earth and the fields become brown once more.

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Lemon Sponge Traybake

Looking for perfection in a cake is, I feel, missing the point. I got really cross with The Great British Bake Off some years ago. I was just so annoyed at the emphasis on 'sheer perfection'.

I thought it'd put people off having a go. At trying the craft of baking, maybe for the first time, because they thought they couldn't get it perfect.

Baking is, and has always been, something I do for joy. To relax and stop my head from whirling. It saved me during those dark days and months after my son was born and it allows me to show my feelings when I bake for someone.

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