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What's Your Instagram Story, Bronte?

Today I am delighted to be interviewing Bronte Huskinson as part of my Instagram series of interviews called What's Your Instagram Story?

I first met Bronte through her mum, Sarah Newton, who started as a client and became a good friend - and now the three of us are part of the team behind Bookish Photography.

Bronte has recently been featured by Instagram in one of their weekend hashtag projects (#whpstripes) and her account has grown significantly. As has Bronte's creativity. As soon as she was featured she upped her game and became more and more adventurous with her Instagram feed. Bronte is also incredibly generous and shares how she has created her photos in her Instagram Stories.

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What's Your Instagram Story, Jules?

Jules, of this is Jules on Instagram, was probably one of the first Instagrammers I followed who had a beautifully curated feed. Quite possibly this was well before I knew curated feeds were a thing - I would just look at how her pictures had similar colours and tones, how it all flowed seamlessly and wonder just how she did it.

I'm therefore delighted to welcome Jules to my blog to be interviewed for What's Your Instagram Story? She has been a huge inspiration to me in this wonderful world of squares. 

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What's Your Instagram Story, Naomi?

I am delighted this week to welcome Naomi Bulger to my blog as part of my new series of posts about the stories behind the Instagram accounts. 

Naomi's feed is one of my favourites. She's a writer and illustrator and her feed is littered with her beautifully drawn pictures on envelopes that she posts out into the world. Naomi also illustrates stationery for Boots Paper and has a course for people interested in the gentle art of letter writing.

In June this year Naomi started a Meals in the Mail project and people posted her recipes as letters and postcards. It's a beautiful project and I'm looking forward to seeing the book that Naomi hopes to pull together from all the recipes.

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What's Your Instagram Story, Helen?

For a while now I've been intrigued by the stories behind the Instagram feeds of the many women (and the occasional man) within the Instagram community I belong to. 

Many of these women have beautiful feeds that takes time, creativity and perseverance. So, what makes them start an Instagram account in the first place? Why do they put so much time and effort into their feed? How have their lives changed because of it? And what opportunities have come out of it that they hadn't anticipated?

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