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How I Stopped Losing Followers on Instagram & Boosted my Engagement

How I stopped losing followers on INstagram and boosted my engagement.

Just over a month ago I’d had enough with losing followers on Instagram. My account was an important part of my writing business and watching my account lose 1000 followers over the course of this year was frustrating me.

So I decided to take back control and work out how I could grow my account again despite the algorithm. I changed lots of things on my account - and it worked. I’ve gained 300 followers in the last month. My engagement per photo has doubled (and sometimes quadrupled!). So I thought I’d create a video on how I did it…

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How I use Instagram Stories as a Writer

Instagram has encouraged me to call myself a writer, it has driven me to ‘up my writing game’, it has created opportunities, given me confidence to try new things (like YouTube and Patreon) and introduced me to a wonderfully supportive community.

Instagram Stories is a more recent addition and it is one I embraced from the beginning. I love it. It has been a huge encouragement for me to try different creative things on the Internet and without it I doubt if I would have tried IGTV, YouTube and Patreon.

Click through to watch the video as I explain how I use Instagram Stories as a writer.

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How I create a cosy Instagram Flat Lay

How to create an Instagram flatlay to give a cosy feel to your Instagram feed.

This post and demonstration video is all about how I create flat lays to give my Instagram feed a cosy feel. I detail the seven things I think about when creating a flat lay for Instagram and show these in the video.

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How Instagram made me a better writer

I really enjoy telling my stories in my Instagram captions. I always think about how I feel when I’m describing something and how I can use words, similes or sentences to convey this feeling. With practice this has helped me uncover my writing voice and made me a better writer.

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Why I love creating micro-films for Instagram TV - plus my top tips

Some months ago I wrote a blog post about why I loved creating mini-films for Instagram Stories.

This joy continued over the coming weeks and months and I've created a lot of mini-films set to music for Instagram. Each time I created one, however, I would have to chop it up into individual 15 second clips so they didn't get cut off in the Stories format.

Then Instagram TV launched last week. Or, IGTV. And I love it.

This is a post about why I love it and some of my top tips.

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