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How Instagram made me a better writer

I really enjoy telling my stories in my Instagram captions. I always think about how I feel when I’m describing something and how I can use words, similes or sentences to convey this feeling. With practice this has helped me uncover my writing voice and made me a better writer.

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Why I love creating micro-films for Instagram TV - plus my top tips

Some months ago I wrote a blog post about why I loved creating mini-films for Instagram Stories.

This joy continued over the coming weeks and months and I've created a lot of mini-films set to music for Instagram. Each time I created one, however, I would have to chop it up into individual 15 second clips so they didn't get cut off in the Stories format.

Then Instagram TV launched last week. Or, IGTV. And I love it.

This is a post about why I love it and some of my top tips.

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How to make your Instagram Stories stand out

Instagram Stories is one of my favourite ways to get creative. It offers so many possibilities and, now we have the ability to save our Stories to our profile, it means putting all that hard work into them makes more sense.

Instagram Stories is a more relaxed way of communicating with an audience. But I know many creatives struggle to know what to share on there or end up sharing too much; with audiences getting bored and swiping to get to the next person. 

Here I share a number of ways in which you, as well as your followers, can get more out of Instagram Stories. 

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Picture Perfect: the evolution of my Instagram Feed

If you follow me on Instagram, and if you've been following me for some time, you might have noticed a bit of a change in my feed. My photographs have become slightly darker and there is an obvious brown colour scheme running through it.

This isn't as a consequence of me trying harder. In fact, it's me trying less. 

It's also as a consequence of experimenting and trying different things over the course of two years. If you'd told me a year ago I would've loved an Instagram feed of mainly brown I would have laughed in your face.

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