How I'm Creating a Journal of my Instagram Photographs

How I'm creating a journal of my Instagram photographs

A few weeks ago during the heat of the summer I realised I’d been sharing pictures on Instagram for five years. At one point during those five years I was uploading a photograph every single day for months. That is a lot of photographs. In fact I have over 1500 photos on this little app. Photos that have documented my life in the countryside as I got to grips with chicken and duck-keeping, wandered the fields, welcomed each season, baked many a cake and wrote hundreds of words in my notebooks.

If Instagram were to close, or if my account was lost that is a lot of work gone.

So I’ve decided to do something non-digital to document my Instagram life. I bought myself a Traveler’s Notebook and a Fujifilm printer and set about printing off select photographs as well as writing notes on what was happening - in both my real life and my online life.

I started with 2014 - and wrote the post and filmed the video called Journaling my Instagram Photos (blog post) or Journal my Instagram with Me (video).

Then I thought I‘d tackle 2015 - and quickly realised that there were far too many photographs. So I just concentrated on the first third of the year instead and picked out my favourites or those that represented a turning point.

The video shows my process. Let me know if you’re doing something similar, I’d love to see.

How I'm Creating a Journal of my Instagram Photographs #travelersnotebook #journaling