My Goals & Projects for 2019 - one month into the year

Back at the beginning of January I wrote a post and recorded a video looking at what my goals for 2019 were and the projects I would be doing in order to get there.

This is the blog post.

This is the video.

And because I’m easily distracted by the online noise and get lost going down the wrong track and because I wanted to create a record of how I’m getting on so I can look back (and hopefully see how far I’ve come) I decided to create another video one month into 2019 to see how I’ve been getting on.

My big overarching goal was to create an income from my online writing and creativity. I wanted to do this in a few ways:

1) by creating really good, to the best of my ability, writing and online content

2) by exploring new avenues (sharing my knowledge, email support, self-publishing to name but a few)

3) by treating my writing and creativity as a business (and not putting things off until I ‘feel like it’).

4) by NOT being a sleazy salesy ‘buy my stuff’ kind of person.

Click to see the post and watch the video.

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It doesn't have to be perfect

Perfectionism can be the biggest factor that stops writers and creatives putting their work out there. In this blog post I chat about how getting your work out there, learning each time, gaining confidence each time is more important than waiting for it to be perfect before you send it out into the world.

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Animal Themed Homeware for the Animal Lover

Over the last few years my home has come to reflect the animals we keep and those that fly into our garden. The extent of the influence from our pets and the outdoors hadn’t really occurred to me until yesterday when I spotted the Joules mugs below and I started to look around me at what I already had and put two and two together.

I have dog prints on the wall, chicken and highland cow photographs that I’ve taken myself (we don’t have cows, I hasten to add, but they’re in the field opposite), we have rabbit, pheasant and dog prints on lampshades, to my left of where I’m sitting I have a picture of a green woodpecker and foxes are running about everywhere on cushions, towels, bedspreads and mugs. And the chickens and the ducks are on the table mats, also on mugs, on china, on cushions…the list goes on. So I thought I’d write a post sharing some of my favourites. Just in case you’re as animal obsessed as I am.

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A tour of my writing desk

How I've set my writing desk up to help me with my posture (and for organisation of all my notebooks and pens!)

I've had so many questions on Instagram about my desk now I have added a keyboard, monitor, mouse, wooden riser and tucked my laptop away underneath so I thought I'd make a short video about the equipment I've used and where it's all from.

Click to read the full post and see the video.

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