Why I'm creating a YouTube Channel

YouTube has been a platform I’ve wanted to do for ages. In fact, I’ve already got some videos uploaded on there. But I’ve never had the courage to really go for it. I love filming. I love the creativity of editing where you try and find the story amongst the hours of footage you’ve recorded. It is something that both intrigues me but also scares the hell out of me. The perfect combination.

This is a post about why I’m branching out to YouTube plus includes an introductory video!

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The realities of (my) country living

Pictures of my chickens eating apples fallen from the tree, a bouncing puppy, a gorgeous yellow labrador. It all looks like a blissful country life. It’s obviously not always like that in reality. So am I selling a lie on my Instagram page? Or guilty by omission?

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How to write when life is busy

I was asked on Instagram a few weeks ago if I had any tips on fitting in writing when life is so busy. So I’ve written this blog post in answer to that. I’m not saying it’s the definitive answer but it is how I’ve done it and maybe, if you’re looking to fit in writing to an already busy schedule, you can adapt it to work for you too.

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