How I Reached 1000 Subscribers: My YouTube Story

I’ve had many doubts over the past year as to whether I could grow a YouTube channel. I’m a 40+ year old woman, part of Generation X, what do I have to say that people might find interesting? And how on earth do I go about creating and uploading videos?

It’s been a long journey to get to 1000 subscribers and, like with my writing, the long time it takes for me to reach my goals has a lot to do with confidence. But I persevered and a few weeks ago I hit the 1000 subscriber mark. I was absolutely thrilled.

On Instagram I’ve spoken about my YouTube journey quite a bit and I know many people are interested in creating videos - but one of the main things that stop them is confidence. Whether it’s the technical side, or showing their face, or the risk of being trolled or real-life friends and family or acquaintances finding out…believe me I’ve had all these anxieties too.

But I went ahead and learned how to record and edit videos anyway….

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WRITING MY NOVEL: Working with Index Cards

I’m now going deeper into this planning and editing of my novel than I ever anticipated and it is making me both excited and, if I’m really honest, a little scared. I feel this could become a really good story but due to my fear and doubts I’m wondering if I can pull it off! But I’m nothing if not determined.

In this week’s video I share how I’ve broken the novel up into chapters and, following on from the last video where I drew up a grid to identify gaps in the plot, I am now starting to make additions on the index cards marked ‘insert’. Click the link to watch the video.

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