Why I love creating micro-films for Instagram TV - plus my top tips

Some months ago I wrote a blog post about why I loved creating mini-films for Instagram Stories.

This joy continued over the coming weeks and months and I've created a lot of mini-films set to music for Instagram. Each time I created one, however, I would have to chop it up into individual 15 second clips so they didn't get cut off in the Stories format.

Then Instagram TV launched last week. Or, IGTV. And I love it.

This is a post about why I love it and some of my top tips.

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My summer holiday reading

The school holidays are nearly upon us and I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to our family holiday.

I'm so excited about it I've already compiled and bought the books I'll be packing away in my suitcase. I've gone for paperbacks, for obvious reasons, with three being fiction and one non-fiction.

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The chicks at 10 days old

The chicks at ten days old. The first ten days of keeping chicks is quite straightforward. They're too small and too sleepy to do or want for much. It's basically check their food (they eat a lot of chick crumbs) and give them clean water (they will poop in the water they've no self-control). 

But now they're getting leggy. They want to play and flap about. They can jump and they're inquisitive.

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My writing projects for the month of June

Last month I wrote about what my writing projects were going to be during May. I never really thought about doing this again for the month of June but it was fairly successful and I learned from it so I'm going to go ahead and chat about what worked last month and what I'm going to work on this month.

So, as a quick recap, I've come to the conclusion that the best way for me to work is to divide the month up into projects. Not to have deadlines or to get so many words written in a day. But to say, this month I'm working on 'x'.

Last month my two main goals were

1. to increase the amount of blog posts I write

2. to work on my novel.

I achieved both. But maybe not quite as productively as I'd hoped.

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