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Animal Themed Homeware for the Animal Lover

Over the last few years my home has come to reflect the animals we keep and those that fly into our garden. The extent of the influence from our pets and the outdoors hadn’t really occurred to me until yesterday when I spotted the Joules mugs below and I started to look around me at what I already had and put two and two together.

I have dog prints on the wall, chicken and highland cow photographs that I’ve taken myself (we don’t have cows, I hasten to add, but they’re in the field opposite), we have rabbit, pheasant and dog prints on lampshades, to my left of where I’m sitting I have a picture of a green woodpecker and foxes are running about everywhere on cushions, towels, bedspreads and mugs. And the chickens and the ducks are on the table mats, also on mugs, on china, on cushions…the list goes on. So I thought I’d write a post sharing some of my favourites. Just in case you’re as animal obsessed as I am.

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Cosy Autumnal Purchases

One thing I don’t tend to do on my blog is to list my recent purchases unless they’re book (or desk) related. The reason being, I don’t buy that much for myself or the house. We have towels in the airing cupboard that we’ve had longer than the children and I often go barefoot or just wear socks instead of using slippers.

However, the contrast between then summer heat and the cooler autumn months is making an impact on me. I need cosy. I need comfort. And I need a hand-towel that doesn’t look threadbare and stained no matter how hot we wash it.

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October Favourites

Well, October, probably my favourite month, and the beginning of my favourite season, is now coming to a close. I've had a birthday, we've settled into the school routine, and the woodburner is being lit most nights as I snuggle up on the settee with a blanket, soft cushions and a good book.

Outside the leaves are crispy, it's been a dry month here, and the sound of contented chickens scratching about in them is utterly charming.

Yesterday we had our first proper frost. I've been using slip-on plastic shoes for the past month with bare feet as I did my chicken and duck chores but have now decided it's time for something more substantial to pull easily onto my feet. Which brings me to my first favourite of the month:

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The Good, the Great and the Fabulous: Body Scrubs

I've become a little bit obsessed with body scrubs. I mean, considering I never even knew they existed a few months ago I'm now completely addicted.

And when I say I didn't know they existed - what I mean is, exfoliating my skin never even occurred to me. Failing to look after my skin and my body: to exfoliate, to moisturise, to blow dry my hair.... it just - didn't. Which is why I wrote this post

But then I saw a YouTuber mention them (another recent thing I'm obsessed by, YouTube videos) and I thought, ooh, get me some body scrub and fast!

Over the summer, as I go outdoors doing my daily tasks with the dog, hens and ducks, my legs are like a moving supermarket for midges and other bitey insects; leaving me with itchy, scabby legs. That, coupled with many years of neglect and our hard water meant my skin was more scaly than a chicken's leg.

It was high time for me to try out some body scrubs. And these are the three I tried:

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Failure to Moisturise

I look down at my shins and they're flaking with dead skin. My elbows are hard and catch on my cardigan. My facial skin is not much better. Puffy eyes, spots, flat. There's no glowy, dewy skin anywhere near here.

For many years, particularly since I had children, I didn't think I was worth taking care of. I wasn't worth spending money on. Buying a moisturiser that suited my skin, getting my hair cut and coloured, taking vitamins, even drinking water. I avoided all of it.

For my children I would look through the Boden catalogue and buy them cute outfits. My son and daughter had eczema as a baby and I researched the best cream for them*. It was pricey (at the time) but I didn't think twice. They were worth it.

But was I?

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My Desk Essentials for September

It's only really been in the last couple of years where I've decided not to stress about writing during August. I've deliberately made the decision to wind down and take the time off in order to spend it with my children but also to spend guilt free time outside: pottering with the chickens, picking apples, plums and blackberries, making goodies with the harvest and generally quietening the mind. 

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