The Good, the Great and the Fabulous: Body Scrubs

the good, the great and the fabulous body scrubs

I've become a little bit obsessed with body scrubs. I mean, considering I never even knew they existed a few months ago I'm now completely addicted.

And when I say I didn't know they existed - what I mean is, exfoliating my skin never even occurred to me. Failing to look after my skin and my body: to exfoliate, to moisturise, to blow dry my hair.... it just - didn't. Which is why I wrote this post

But then I saw a YouTuber mention them (another recent thing I'm obsessed by, YouTube videos) and I thought, ooh, get me some body scrub and fast!

Over the summer, as I go outdoors doing my daily tasks with the dog, hens and ducks, my legs are like a moving supermarket for midges and other bitey insects; leaving me with itchy, scabby legs. That, coupled with many years of neglect and our hard water meant my skin was more scaly than a chicken's leg.

It was high time for me to try out some body scrubs. And these are the three I tried:

Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap & Glory

Priced between £8- £11 this is the cheapest body scrub I tried. It comes in a 300ml tub where you have to scoop out a dollop and rub it into your skin. Now, my skin is completely under-appreciated and has lots of dry bits so my legs felt fabulous as I rubbed it in. However, it might be a bit harsh if your skin is a little more sensitive and not so hard done by than mine.

It smells fresh of lime and the scrub is brown sugar and macadamia grains which tingled and itched away the dry skin on my legs. It's an invigorating scrub - in touch and smell - one you'd use in the morning to wake up.

I walked out the shower after using it for the first time feeling rather smug.

Energising Body Scrub by Liz Earle

This tube of body scrub has a spa vibe going on - the smell that hits you when you walk into a beauty salon and you wish you'd booked a massage and facial instead of just an eyebrow wax. It's just under a twelve pounds for 200ml. Though I feel this tube would last a lot longer than the 300ml Soap and Glory one simply because it's in a tube rather than scooping it out of a tub. The scrub itself was lovely. The grains felt slightly smaller than the Soap & Glory - these are ground olive stones - and when rubbed into your skin it comes to a lovely lather. 

Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin by Clarins

This one I borrowed off my mother-in-law. It's pricey - more than £20 for 200ml. I cannot recall the smell I just remember how wonderful it made my skin feel. So, SO soft. Baby's bottom soft. Oh it was just wonderful. I kept annoying my family by proffering my arm for them to stroke. I just couldn't get over how one application, one use, could make my skin feel so pampered. 

So there you have it. None of this is sponsored (although the links I've provided are affiliate links which means I will earn a few pennies if you click on it at NO expense to you) it's just me, learning to look after myself and, as I tend to do, write about what I find. 

Any body scrub tips for me? Anything I should try?

the good, the great and the fabulous body scrubs
the good great and fabulous body scrubs
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