September. New Start. New Stationery

september notebook haul

Well, hello and welcome one and all to September 2018. One of my favourite months of the year.

This post is all about the stationery I have on my desk right now in anticipation of a productive and organised few months before I naturally slow down before Christmas.

I'm still struggling with my writing and blogging organisation but this year I've become closer to having some sort of system. I've had numerous notebooks over the last few years as my main diary/to do list/organiser but the best one I've found is by Lemome. 

The Lemome notebook has thick paper so I can use my Lamy fountain pen happily without it bleeding or coming through onto the other side of the paper. It has a dotted grid and is just super comfortable to write in. It's satisfyingly chunky to hold too and has a hardback so it won't get wrinkled in my bag. 

leuchtturm1917 soft cover nordic blue

I've also picked up a couple of beautifully coloured Leuchtturm1917s. One is in Berry and the other is in Nordic Blue. These are for scribbling down essays, or the beginning of blog posts, scraps of sentences and so on. The only problem is they are just too beautiful and I'm reluctant to wreck them...but I can always buy another one, right? I do rather like the look of the Azure one...

Another notebook I've picked up recently is a grey Dingbats one with an elephant on the cover. To be quite honest I've no idea what I'm going to use it for yet. It just called to me. Again it has the dotted grid paper inside. The paper doesn't feel as thick as the lemome one but the hard cover gives rigidity if I'm using it when out and about. 

lemome notebook for planning blog posts

A few days ago I strolled in to my local Flying Tiger store and picked up a couple of thin exercise book notebooks. One has the grid layout on the paper inside and the other has brown lined paper. They were priced at £1 to £2 and I'm sure will be useful for myself or my children.

Then, finally, we have the new family calendar. We are using the Family Home Planner this year. It's a large month to month calendar (I believe it's also available week to week) and has columns for six people. We're a family of four so I use the extra columns for birthdays/term dates and the last one for the animals with vet appointments and so on. So useful and it also comes with some great stickers. It is on the large side so make sure you have space to hang it. 

Have you picked up any gorgeous stationery this month? Anything I must have?



notebook haul for september 2018
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