Cosy Autumnal Purchases

cosy autumnal purchases

One thing I don’t tend to do on my blog is to list my recent purchases unless they’re book (or desk) related. The reason being, I don’t buy that much for myself or the house. We have towels in the airing cupboard that we’ve had longer than the children and I often go barefoot or just wear socks instead of using slippers.

However, the contrast between then summer heat and the cooler autumn months is making an impact on me. I need cosy. I need comfort. And I need a hand-towel that doesn’t look threadbare and stained no matter how hot we wash it.

Clockwise from top left:

Harbour Housewares green knitted hot water bottle - I’m obsessed. I’ve a pain in my shoulders, possibly from typing, and with all my dental treatment this has been a comforting lifesaver. I love its knitted jacket.

Scion Mr Fox towel (available in a few colours) - I think the Scion Mr Fox has to be one of my favourite designs. I’ve a couple of the Mr Fox mugs (one of which is in this desk essentials post) and recently treated myself to a new grey Mr Fox duvet set which is just adorable and comfy. The hand-towels are just so vibrant and orange. Love them.

A5 Lined Hardback Notebook from Joules - actually this was a birthday present from my friend but I love it. A beautiful dog on the cover and it’s hardback.

Green Boyfriend Cardigan from Next - I must admit to buying myself new knitware every autumn. I’m currently wearing my new long-sleeved jumper tunic with a gorgeous sleeve that comes over your wrists. That’s from Next too and is called V-necked jumper with cashmere. I love the cardigan and what’s even better is that it has buttons. What is it with cardigans nowadays that they don’t have buttons?

Ginger Fox Slippers from Next - also from Next. Do I need to explain my purchase of these?

* This post contains affiliate links. Which means that if you purchase through the link I’ve provided I may make a few pennies (which goes towards the running of this blog) but this will be at no cost to yourself.

Cosy Autumnal Purchases