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What we, as online creatives, can learn from the Zoella Advent-Calendar-Saga

As I start to write this on the morning of Tuesday 14th November 2017 the fall-out from Zoella's advent calendar is ongoing. In fact, it's pretty much taken on a life of its own.

If you haven't heard about all the drama essentially Zoella's lifestyle range has released a luxury advent calendar, a twelve days of Christmas one - so with 12 doors -  and the contents are, well, not very expensive. For example you have some sparkly confetti behind one door, a small candle behind another, seven stickers in one and a small cookie cutter behind another. And for twelve gifts like this you pay £50.

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Sharing online stories with heart

It's funny the ideas that can come to you whilst tidying the kitchen.

I was listening to Lucy's podcast, What She said, at the weekend and Lucy mentioned (in this episode) how Pinterest drove traffic to her blog - but only to a small number of her 'helpful' posts. She said, 'there isn't a nice group board for random, oversharing-type posts'.

And I understood exactly what she meant. Pinterest is often the place where you share travel tips, or chicken-keeping tips, or social media marketing tips - posts that people actively search for to answer a question they have.

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No More Niching: The Feedback

When I wrote the post: Why I'm No Longer Niching My Blog about why I thought I'd made a mistake in my business because I'd followed all the online advice to 'niche' my blog, I was apprehensive.

Firstly, because I was admitting I'd made a mistake and I was worried how my clients/future clients would feel about this.

And secondly because what I was thinking went against the advice of so many other people online.

But despite my concerns I posted it anyway. As I've been sharing my business (and writing) story, I thought it only fair to say when I'd taken a wrong turn.

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How I create my Instagram photos

Instagram is my social media platform of choice. I love it for the creativity, the community and because it enables me to tell a story in a more visual way than just writing.

Have you ever wondered where Instagrammers get their inspiration from? Or, have you wondered how they get overhead shots with both their hands? This is the sort of thing I wonder about.

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Five Things I've Learned from Launching a Mentoring Business

It was just over a year ago when I had the idea that I'd like to help other writers market themselves using social media. At the time I had just created this blog, my Instagram presence was less than one thousand followers, I had a love/hate relationship with Twitter and Facebook and had very little experience with other platforms. So what on earth made me think I could do it?

Well, my background is in marketing, so that knowledge I had. And I could see the potential of this online world. I was looking around the internet and there were people, often millennials, leading the way in communicating to different audiences.

There was Zoella with her vlog that captivated thousands and thousands of fans. Or Instagrammers that had tens of thousands of followers, who were now transferring into blogs and video. Some were earning good money from advertising. Others were writing articles in online magazines. Or speaking at conferences. Or getting book deals.

The internet was driving change.

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