Cosy Winter Purchases

Alice Hoffman The Museum of Extraordinary Things

After the success of my cosy autumnal purchases blog post (the items on there are still going strong - I used the hot water bottle last night) I’m now going to share what I’ve purchased to keep me cosy for the winter months.

Joules Welly Clogs

I bought two pairs of these. One for me and one for my daughter (because she keeps pinching mine!) I have the Black Botanical Bees, which, if you’ve watched my Instagram Stories you’ll have seen me wearing. I wear them all the time when I go outside to sort the dogs, chickens and ducks. Which is numerous times per day. They’re brilliant and keep my feet snug. I still have bare feet when I wear them (I can’t wear socks indoors and it’s a faff to put them on before I go out - that’s why I love these pull-on welly shoes so much!) and they still keep my feet warm. At least for the ten minutes or so I’m out there!

My daughter has the Navy Dogs version.

I also came across these Glossy Wellibobs on the Joules website. How fab are they?!

(Photos of me modelling welly clogs. They are used hard - that’s ash from the chickens’ dust bath on the clogs in the right hand picture!)

Next Christmas Car Cushion

I might have bought this cushion purely because I used to have a Beetle car - but had to sell it because my baby boy no longer fit in it! Anyway, I love a Christmas cushion and this one is fab. It even has a couple of bells on it to get that festive sound.

Next Super Soft Fleece Throw

This is gorgeous. Soft and oh so cosy. This one is mine. Not the children’s’. Not the dogs’. Mine.

It’s grey but comes in a number of other colours.

joules welly clogs

When in Doubt Go to the Library Harry Potter Print

I mentioned I was getting this in the Bookish Christmas Gift Guide post for my book-mad daughter. Well, it’s here and it’s lovely. It’s from Etsy and comes in a variety of sizes. We are coming up to the last order dates for Christmas so if you want this (and it makes a fabulous gift for a book-loving child) then buy it asap. It is from BokaPrint on Etsy.

Harry Potter when in doubt go to the library print

The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman

I do have my Christmas reading list for this season but I had to purchase a copy of this by Alice Hoffman. It was published in 2015 and is described as 'truly stunning: part love story, part mystery, part history, and all beauty'. Perfect for a winter night.

Warm Luxury Dog bed

I find dog beds really expensive. And the thing is, with two labradors, they don’t last forever. They like to sleep together - or, rather, Puppy likes to sleep with Dog and DogFace ‘tolerates’ her and as a result the bed gets stretched, trampled, stained…all sorts really. They desperately needed a new one and as this is an expensive time of year I’ve gone for a fairly cheap one on Amazon. I got it out the box yesterday and both dogs stepped in and curled up. Hilarious.

This is the extra large. When PuppyFace is full size it might be a bit tight but it’s perfect for now. (Though I might add extra padding to the cushion part with an old pillow).

warm luxury dog bed for two labradors

Seasalt Janelle Waterproof Coat

I bought my Seasalt coat last year and have to say I LOVE it. It’s long, so covers my bottom and thighs which always get cold when watching hockey or rugby matches. It’s cosy and is a real treat to wear, and it keeps me dry. It’s not bulky either so I can wear it whilst driving and wear a jumper underneath. Honestly I love it and if you’re looking for a coat to get you through the colder months to come I highly recommend.

Girls Cosy Winter Parka

My daughter has asked for a cosy coat for winter. I’ve instructed Father Christmas to get her this one. It’s fluffy on the inside which was a specific requirement.

Deer Hooded Onesie

Marks and Spencers have some brilliant onesies this year. My daughter has asked for a fluffy onesie ‘with ears’. So this has also been requested from Father Christmas.

cosy winter purchases for me, my daughter and the dogs