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Helen Redfern A Bookish Baker

A Bookish Baker is a journal devoted to cosy creative living: online storytelling, writing, books, Instagram photography, baking, chicken-keeping and the seasons. I write about the process of drafting my novel and my essays, how I have increased my productivity with simple systems, share stories about nature and my chickens, create recipes and talk about self-doubt and fear.

I've lived in the English countryside for six years and kept chickens for about the same time. The chickens changed my daily life: my routines, and my interests, along with my passions and my writing. I go outside regularly during my writing day. I walk the dogs, talk to the chickens, study the trees and really absorb myself into each season.

I try and capture all of this in my writing, in my Instagram feed and in my YouTube videos.


A Bookish Baker Book Club

If you love reading cosy books them come and join the A Bookish Baker Book Club community on Instagram. We share the books we’ve read as well as having a monthly pick.

During February we will also have an interview with the author of the February pick and a competition.



I have a YouTube channel where I post videos about writing, books, productivity and planning plus I also have a weekly vlog where I share the behind-the-scenes of my writing week.

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Monthly Essays on Patreon

Once a month I write an essay for my patrons on Patreon that I hope to turn into a self-published book. I aim to explore online writing and creativity through my own experiences. Every month you will receive an essay written by me that'll hopefully inspire, entertain and give you an insight into the life of a writer and a blogger.

I also write a weekly blog post on Patreon which describes how I’m feeling about my writing and creativity or my online presence that week. This is available to everyone - not just patrons.

You can also subscribe to other tiers where you can gain help from me with your own online creativity.

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Monthly Newsletter

The A Bookish Baker Monthly Letter goes out at the end of every month. It features more of my seasonal writing, a round up of what I’ve been up to during the month plus book recommendations, links to blogs I've enjoyed, podcasts I've listened to, film recommendations and so on.


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I offer email support for online writers and creatives.

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