How I create a cosy Instagram Flat Lay

how I create my Instagram flat lays to give a cosy feel to my Instagram feed.

I’ve been asked numerous times how I create my flat lays to give my Instagram feed a cosy feel so I thought I’d make a video to show exactly how.

I like to use flat lays to tell a story. What is the main point of interest? I won’t just pick up random items from my house or from outdoors. It has to have a reason for being in the shot. And this is why, a lot of the time, my notebooks take centre stage in my flat lays. Because that is what I’ve been working on, that’s what my day has been all about.

In this video I talk about seven elements:

The background

  • The story

  • Texture & layers

  • Food & drink

  • My interests

  • Adding props

  • Editing

Find out more in the video below.

how to create an Instagram flatlay to give a cosy feel to your Instagram feed.

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