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How I use Instagram Stories as a Writer

Instagram has encouraged me to call myself a writer, it has driven me to ‘up my writing game’, it has created opportunities, given me confidence to try new things (like YouTube and Patreon) and introduced me to a wonderfully supportive community.

Instagram Stories is a more recent addition and it is one I embraced from the beginning. I love it. It has been a huge encouragement for me to try different creative things on the Internet and without it I doubt if I would have tried IGTV, YouTube and Patreon.

Click through to watch the video as I explain how I use Instagram Stories as a writer.

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How I use my notebooks as a writer & creative

I love new notebooks. They contain such promise - but I think that is why so many of us don’t use them. I know I certainly have a shelf FULL of blank pages.

But I’ve been watching Sarra of Heart Breathings on YouTube and she has been giving advice on how we can fill our notebooks with her video: How to fill your empty notebooks.

This got me thinking about my notebooks and how they have helped me with my planning, my business and my writing and creativity over the past few years. So, I decided to open the pages and show you the insides.

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Do I struggle with perfectionism (and other questions)

Last week I recorded a video where I answered some of the questions I’ve been asked on Instagram and in my private Facebook group.

I’m not going to lie I felt all sorts of terrified whilst undertaking this small project. Fear and worry about my face being on screen for thirty minutes, imposter syndrome as I thought - who am I to be giving advice or talking about my writing journey I haven’t achieved anything. And also a kind of invisibility frustration. The latter something I need to think about further and maybe write a blog post about it.

But I pushed through my fears and sent it live and have had some lovely feedback.

I was asked about:

  • Patreon

  • Whether I struggle with perfectionism (my immediate thought was no but realised I do in some cases)

  • How I decide between what I should do and what I truly want to do

  • Is it too late to be on social media?

  • How to get past the numbers

  • My favourite part of everything I do

  • My journey as a writer

  • My major stepping stones that helped me get to this point

  • Vlogging

Click on the post to find out more. Or go straight to the video: Online Creativity Q&A

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How I create a cosy Instagram Flat Lay

How to create an Instagram flatlay to give a cosy feel to your Instagram feed.

This post and demonstration video is all about how I create flat lays to give my Instagram feed a cosy feel. I detail the seven things I think about when creating a flat lay for Instagram and show these in the video.

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