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My writing month October 2018

It’s a real cliche but October went by fast. It was the month of my birthday, the month where the early morning starts with the puppy started to take its toll and the month of half term.

Which is my way of leading up to the fact that October didn’t go as well for me as I’d hoped on the writing front. I suppose this is unsurprising when I think of everything I achieved in September. You cannot keep going at full throttle; at some point you have to slow down and sort the house, spend time with your family and clean out the chicken houses!

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Running my own race and no-one else's

I was watching a YouTube video the other day. It was by a successful author entrepreneur and something she said really resonated with me.

(Now I’m paraphrasing here so bear with.)

When it comes to your own creative endeavours, run your own race. At your own speed. In your own way. If you look over and see another woman running faster so try and run like her: speed, gait, mannerisms - you are no longer running your race.

You’re running hers…

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