My Goals and Projects for 2019

my goals and projects for 2019

Last year I did a lot. Or rather, last January and February I did a lot then I drifted for a while until September to the beginning of December where I exceeded anything I’d ever done in the past.

It was rather thrilling to sell a course, to create a book club, to see my blog stats grow, to hear what people said to me (nice things!) about my IGTV then YouTube videos. And to get so much support on Patreon was the biggest shock to me. I was so ‘lifted’ by all the messages, DMs, blog comments (though I know it’s tricky to comment on this blog). And everyone who subscribed to me on YouTube. SO grateful. Thank you.

There are times during every year where I find I just stop. I’ve always ignored it and thought ‘this year it’ll be different.’ It isn’t. There are two clear times are during the summer - July and August then again in December.

So I am going to learn from this. To plan my year - not strictly - but to take into account when I need to rest and do my thinking time.

Because during August 2018 and December 2017 and December 2018 I had, after a ‘creative rest’ breakthroughs in what I want to do. In December 2017 I had an idea for my course, in the summer I decided to up my game, become more productive and take on more projects and this December I’ve worked out that my projects, or rather some of my projects are not aligned with my biggest goal.

My biggest goal being not to become published - which is what I always thought it was - but to create a financially and creatively rewarding business from my writing and online creativity.

So simple. Yet it took me a while getting here. This means that my blog is no longer going to be written three (and sometimes four) times a week. Instead it is going to be one post a week. And my focus instead is going to be on other things.

I explain more in my video:

My goals and projects for 2019. How I'm getting my projects aligned with my biggest goal.