Do you dream of having a blog of your own?

Would you love an online space to write and create? A place to share your stories whether that be in the form of essays, how-to posts, lists, thoughts, dreams, random ideas, fiction, creative non-fiction, photography and film.

Are you putting off starting a blog because you don't know where to begin and how to make it yours?



Sowing Stories || the self-paced email course

- a blogging for creativity e-course from A Bookish Baker


Sowing Stories is a self-paced email course to help you with both the design side of building a blog whilst also encouraging you to think about your online creativity.


Creating online can help you gain confidence with your writing, with your photography or your filming. It can encourage you to experiment, to try different mediums and hone your writing voice or develop your photography style.

The sowing stories ecourse is full of insight and practical tips on how to set-up a blog. Helen’s openness about her own experiences and willingness to share her blogging journey make this a really accessible and inspirational course. Would recommend for anyone wanting advice on starting a blog, or in need of a gentle push to do so! I feel like I’ve now got the tools I need to create a blog I’m proud of. Thanks Helen!
— Laura Seaton

Blogging can help you with your online creativity.

It can also help you to meet like-minded creatives and to grow an audience. After all, one day you might want to sell your work and a blog means you'll already have an audience interested in your writing and creativity.

I worked with Helen for a few months last year. I needed help with starting a blog and she was awesome.
She is more than helpful - she is inspiring. Helen has a way of telling you about her own struggles and to use them to help you that I’ve never seen anywhere else. She is growing with you and that’s what makes working with her so precious.
— Gaelle from Sage on Earth

Sowing Stories will cover storytelling, blog structure, blog design and how to share your work in order to gain an interested audience. It is also designed to give you encouragement when it comes to writing, sending your very first post live and sharing your work.

Whether you're new to blogging or have had one for a while Sowing Stories is a toolkit designed to get you and your blog up and running with confidence and encouragement.

I just wanted to let you know how magic it was talking to you. My brain is full of ideas and inspiration. Huge thank you, Helen.
— Melanie from Ink Blot Kingdoms
I just want to say how glad I am we had a chance to meet and work together. Your insights gave me much to think about and helped me improve my [Instagram] feed so thank you.
— Suzan Bond of



Anyone who wants to create a blog for creativity first and foremost. 

If you're looking to make huge amounts of money through niche blogging and through sponsorships with brands then this course will not tell you how to do that. But it will give you a firm foundation of great storytelling and content. Then - who knows where your creativity might lead you? 

If you're looking to work on your storytelling, to build a blog that reflects you and what you want to write about, to write on a regular basis and stretch your creativity wings  - but you need help with the design side and some inspiration - then this is most definitely for you.

The idea behind the course is to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can concentrate on the writing and creativity.



The self-paced course is designed for those who are familiar with the internet. You don't already need to have a blog but you're willing and able to commit to creating one - either on a free blogging platform or a fee paying one. On signing up you will be sent a bonus lesson which details the pros and cons of various free and fee-paying blogging platforms to help you make an informed choice.



You'll need a notebook, a computer (mac or windows) and you'll be encouraged to create an Instagram account. You'll also need a blog -but don't panic and rush out to get one immediately - the bonus lesson supplied once you sign up will talk you through the different blogging platforms available. 



This course is self-paced and doesn't offer any group or individual support from me. However, I also offer one-to-one coaching and can even help you design and set up your blog if you need further help.

Students of this course will get 10% off my coaching or blogging services.



BONUS LESSON: Which blogging platform?

LESSON ONE: Storytelling

LESSON TWO: Blogging Practicalities.

LESSON THREE: Branding & Design

LESSON FOUR: You & Your Blog



Yes! But it'll be fun.

Please note as this is a digital product there are no refunds.


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