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How to make your Instagram Stories stand out

Instagram Stories is one of my favourite ways to get creative. It offers so many possibilities and, now we have the ability to save our Stories to our profile, it means putting all that hard work into them makes more sense.

Instagram Stories is a more relaxed way of communicating with an audience. But I know many creatives struggle to know what to share on there or end up sharing too much; with audiences getting bored and swiping to get to the next person. 

Here I share a number of ways in which you, as well as your followers, can get more out of Instagram Stories. 

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Picture Perfect: the evolution of my Instagram Feed

If you follow me on Instagram, and if you've been following me for some time, you might have noticed a bit of a change in my feed. My photographs have become slightly darker and there is an obvious brown colour scheme running through it.

This isn't as a consequence of me trying harder. In fact, it's me trying less. 

It's also as a consequence of experimenting and trying different things over the course of two years. If you'd told me a year ago I would've loved an Instagram feed of mainly brown I would have laughed in your face.

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Recommended Instagram Story Makers

Right now I am obsessed with creating mini-films for Instagram Stories. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, or if you've read this post and this one, you'll already know this. 

I am often found with my iPhone in my hand ready to record little moments lasting a mere few seconds in order to weave them into a story on my computer later that day.

But, I also like to watch Instagram Stories, too. One of my favurites is Fiona Annal who also has one of my favourite feeds, Fiona lives in the Orkney Islands and her stories are a rich narrative of life there, I also love Circle of Pines Stories. Laura features her trips out and where she's going and what she's reading. There's a lot of give in their stories. They're comforting and full of warmth.

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How I edit my Instagram Stories

Since I changed how I create my Instagram Stories at the end of August I have had some lovely comments about them both in person, on Instagram and on Twitter. 

And one question I keep getting is - how do you make them? What app do you use?

Well, very simply I use my iPhone and iMovie on my computer. I don't use iMovie on my phone or iPad because I find it far too fiddly but I'm sure it's possible. You also don't need an iPhone. You can use a normal camera or an android phone. Just make sure you shoot your video in portrait and not horizontal. (Such a weird thing to do after having it drummed in you that you must film horizontally to avoid the black bars either side of the film!)

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Why I Love to Create Video Montages for Instagram Stories

In the last few weeks I've been playing around with my Instagram Stories. Instead of filming just my ducks being released in the morning in one fifteen second clip, or perhaps just my chickens, or just the dog, I'll create a montage of clips that equal fifteen seconds, overlaying the clips with music.

Instagram Stories, if you didn't know, are photos or video clips that you can add to your Instagram account. It is separate to your main feed of photographs. Like Snapchat, the Stories disappear after twenty-four hours. 

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How I create my Instagram photos

Instagram is my social media platform of choice. I love it for the creativity, the community and because it enables me to tell a story in a more visual way than just writing.

Have you ever wondered where Instagrammers get their inspiration from? Or, have you wondered how they get overhead shots with both their hands? This is the sort of thing I wonder about.

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