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Books I've read over summer (and what I'm planning to read next)

There's a lot of pressure on what to do with my down time. Do I read a book? Or catch up on my blog reading? Maybe I'll watch a YouTube video (my current obsession). Or I could watch TV with my family, play a board game, write, sew my daughter's labels on her uniform, do an online shop, wash up, tidy and so on and so on...

Sadly, for me, books have gone to the bottom of the pile this year. Which, for a former avid reader, is all a bit odd. And mildly disconcerting.

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Four Books That Have Shaped My Life

They're sitting in a pile on my desk next to me as I write this. One is quite literally falling apart. One is very pink and about sex. Another is a book for children and the fourth a women's fiction novel with Brownie Guide badges on the cover. As innocent as these four books look sitting quietly on my desk, they all have one thing on common.

They have all had a profound impact on my life. They've shaped my life, helped create the person I am and have led me to this writing/mentoring career. Which, quite frankly, I find fascinating.

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