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How I'm outlining my novel

I've successfully managed to not write my novel for many months. In fact, I think late 2016 was the last time I went near it.

As I say in this week's video (below) this is because I've been busy with my coaching business and new websites and my head cannot take on too many projects at once.

My fiction writing is always the first thing I drop when my head is full. I wish it wasn't but, by dropping it, I don't have to the voices in my head constantly telling me what a rubbish writer I am. Who wouldn't want to get that out of their head?

But I've been encouraged to give it another go. 

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Four Books That Have Shaped My Life

They're sitting in a pile on my desk next to me as I write this. One is quite literally falling apart. One is very pink and about sex. Another is a book for children and the fourth a women's fiction novel with Brownie Guide badges on the cover. As innocent as these four books look sitting quietly on my desk, they all have one thing on common.

They have all had a profound impact on my life. They've shaped my life, helped create the person I am and have led me to this writing/mentoring career. Which, quite frankly, I find fascinating.

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Five Things I've Learned from Launching a Mentoring Business

It was just over a year ago when I had the idea that I'd like to help other writers market themselves using social media. At the time I had just created this blog, my Instagram presence was less than one thousand followers, I had a love/hate relationship with Twitter and Facebook and had very little experience with other platforms. So what on earth made me think I could do it?

Well, my background is in marketing, so that knowledge I had. And I could see the potential of this online world. I was looking around the internet and there were people, often millennials, leading the way in communicating to different audiences.

There was Zoella with her vlog that captivated thousands and thousands of fans. Or Instagrammers that had tens of thousands of followers, who were now transferring into blogs and video. Some were earning good money from advertising. Others were writing articles in online magazines. Or speaking at conferences. Or getting book deals.

The internet was driving change.

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A healthy goal for 2017

So that's it. As I write this there are only a few hours left of 2016. Already writing the date, 2016, feels dated, old, so last year. I'm not in a rush to start 2017. I rather enjoy these days between Christmas and new year when I can relax, lie on the carpet with the fire warming my face, the dog next to me, notebook and pen in hand. But I do like the feeling of starting afresh. Making goals, do-able goals, for my writing and career, working out what I actually want to achieve over the next few months.

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