Why I'm Creating a Business to help Passionate & Purposeful Creatives & Writers


At the moment I've hundreds of words and ideas swirling around my head. My notebook is being furiously written into. I'm watching Youtube videos on who is the best newsletter provider and creating a project management schedule - of sorts - in Asana (a new to me tool that I'm using to get organised). My head feels like it's going to pop. Every time I think I've learnt something new and that'll be it for the time being, I realise I need to learn something else. Google Drive, Asana, Mailchimp/Convertkit, Squarespace, an accounting spreadsheet - even scheduling posts for my Facebook page - is all taking up headspace.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Yes, I feel stuffed with information but I'm actually loving it. I finally feel like I'm working towards something I love.

But with so much information in my head I'm finding it tricky to make sense of it all. Coming here, to my blog, to write it all down, letting you know where I'm at, but mainly to let myself know where I'm at really helps. Writing things down is such a brilliant way of making sense of things. And structuring my writing for a blog post helps me even more.

For the past year and a half I've been researching ways of building my online platform. I've been working hard on my Instagram which is now at 12,100 followers. Can't quite believe that.

But I'm also learning about Pinterest, YouTube, emailing and newsletters, self-publishing my book, creating a course...the list goes on.

And I want to share this knowledge I've built up with others. I've a background in marketing and business - who knew I'd return to it after a long gap? (When I was in professional services marketing websites were brand new!)

My business will be lead by a strong desire to help other writers and creatives.

Writers and creatives who are both passionate about what they’re creating but also want to purposely grow their online presence and find an audience who will be hungry for their books and products.

This is why I created my new website/blog, Bookish Marketing. It'll be a place where writers and creatives can find advice, tutorials and generally cut through all the online advice and noise to find ways that actually work for their specific needs. It is obviously in it's infancy but that's my plan for it in the coming weeks and months.

I'll also have a monthly newsletter where I talk about what social media strategies have been working for me that month as I build my own writing platform.

I'm experimenting with Facebook as a place to grow a platform (so many of my clients loathe Facebook but feel they have to be on there so I'm trying to work out if it is a good place to spend time and creativity) and will report my personal findings in my newsletter. I'll also be sharing my tips and tricks for Instagram, Pinterest, newsletters and blogging as I learn and implement different techniques in my own marketing.

I also offer mentoring or a report with personalised tips and strategies.

So, there you go. That's where I'm at. And getting feedback like this makes all the hard work and full-to-bursting-head worth it!

“I just wanted to let you know how magic it was talking to you. My brain is full of ideas and inspiration. Huge thank you, Helen.”
— Melanie from Ink Blot Kingdoms

My new website is Bookish Marketing. And you can sign up to the Bookish Marketing newsletter here.