10 reasons why I love autumn so

why I love autumn so

I believe we are now officially in Autumn. My hands, feet and carb cravings are telling me so. Meteorologically speaking autumn began on September 1st but astronomically it doesn't begin until the equinox on 22nd September. However, I've said this before and I'll say it again: Mother Nature is in charge. It is she who decides when the seasons start. And I think she's pushed autumn on us early this year.

And yes, I am delighted about it. The blackberries were here in mid August and the beautiful shiny conkers alongside the colour change on the trees arrived as soon as the calendar flicked over from August to September. 

Apparently spring arrived 21 days early which is why everything else later in the year is ahead. (On that subject Winter this year is predicted to be a hard one: cold, wet, and prone to flooding. Have a look at this chap's weather page where he forecasts weather pretty accurately and well in advance based on what nature is telling us.)

As autumn is my absolute favourite season I thought I'd share why I love it so much:

1. Autumn feels like the real me. This feeling trickles down and embraces so many parts of my personality. My inspiration, my creativity and my writing all do better during autumn. I feel re-invigorated, re-inspired and clearer in what I want to do. Summer is when I let my brain rest. Autumn is when I put my ideas into practice.

You only have to look at Instagram feed to see how I'm embracing my favourite season in my images.

10 reasons why I love autumn so

2. Hibernating. Because we have made some changes internally in our house this year I've not actually spent as much time doing jobs and tasks in the garden as I normally do. Despite this I still feel the pressure of the relentless mowing, tidying and weeding. Autumn is when these thankless tasks start reducing. And when I promise myself that next year I'll be more on top of it. I know nettles are good for nature but, honestly, they drive me mad!

3. Comfort food. Proper food. Soups, stews, slow roasts, mashed potato, roast potato, jacket potatoes, root vegetables, shepherd's pie, gravy, cauliflower cheese, leeks in white sauce, brussels sprouts. 

4. Cold. Yep, you read that right, I relish the cold. Because then baths feel so much better. Duvets feel cosy and not stifling. You can't have a bath in the heat of the summer. You end up sweating. You can't have a thick duvet with a gorgeous bedspread in summer. But in autumn you can have both.

5. Heat. Yes, the heat from the bath. But also the heat from a log fire and the associated smell of woodsmoke. It's a delicious combination. Throw in a few lamps, some cushions and blankets, a hot drink and a ruddy good book and you have, essentially, paradise.

6. Early mornings. Just as the sun rises. It's crisp, you can see your breath chuffing, there's dew on the cobwebs, crisp leaves are underfoot. Glorious.

7. Orange and brown. I don't give the colour orange much thought at any other time of the year. But as the season approaches I'm drawn to orange mugs, books and notepads. And my hair colour becomes conker brown. 

8. Layering. Dresses with tights, thin tops underneath with a cosy chunky cardi on top. Finished off with a gorgeous pair of boots. 

9. Socks. Give me all the thick socks. I am besotted with the Fab Fluffy Socks from Joules.

10. Conkers. Our house becomes littered with conkers and pine cones. Maybe even acorns if we walk around the woods past the massive oak trees. I love it.

I love it all.

What do you love about autumn?

10 reasons why I love autumn so
10 reasons why i love autumn so
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