Two Books Highly Recommended by my (8-year-old) daughter

recommended books for children aged eight, nine, ten, eleven

Walk into a book shop and you'll find an overwhelming amount of books available for children.  So if you're looking for books for a child's birthday or Christmas present this year then let my daughter recommend some books to help you in your decision making. As she is a keen reader and writer, I've set her a task to regulalrly read and review children's books for this blog. 

More recommendations will be coming soon.

[NOTE My daughter is soon to be nine and is currently in year four at school. She is advanced for her age, though, so many of the books she's reading will be suitable for ages nine upwards.]

Nevermoor - The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend

I saw this novel and just knew my daughter would enjoy it. The hardback cover is fabulous (it would make a stunning Christmas present) and it has been described as 'the most fantastical children's debut of the year'. 

So, now for my daughter's review:

I think this is a brilliant book! I just couldn't put it down! It's full of magic, strangeness and adventure. The story is about a girl called Morrigan Crow, the 'cursed' child, who is due to die on Eventide (her birthday).

A group of shadow hunters come to collect her and kill her, but a remarkable man named Jupiter North collects her and brings her to the strange but wonderful city of Nevermoor. I recommend this book from age 7-10 and for Harry Potter fans.  


Hamish and the Gravityburp by Danny Wallace

My daughter chose this book herself at a recent visit to a book shop. She started reading it that evening and I could hear her giggling away in her bedroom.

This is a brilliantly funny book. I was laughing at it nearly all the way through! This book is part of the Hamish Series: Hamish and the Worldstoppers, Hamish and the Neverpeople and now this. The PDF (Pause Defence Force - see first book) are back. Hamish, Alice, Clover, Venk, Buster and Elliot. Including the sea-monster and Vinnie, the giant venus fly trap, this is one big adventure!

P.S read the two other books first.

P.P.S Enjoy!

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