The Morning Routine


fresh eggsI wrote about my morning routine with the chickens and ducks back in February. Well, now, as part of my film-making course, I've tried to capture the peacefulness of the morning through film.

Morning routine from Helen || a bookish baker on Vimeo.

There are so many things to learn with making films but I'm no longer anxious as I wrote about on this post. I thoroughly enjoy walking around the garden, crouching down, getting mucky, putting my knee accidentally in chicken poo, all for the sake of that perfect shot.

Of course, the subjects of my mini-films: the chickens, ducks, and the dog, completely ignore my directions. The dog often running in the wrong direction or even full force into me when I'm trying to capture her movement across the camera. Most of the time I miss framing her completely.

But it's all good fun. I'm a fan of the detail outside anyway; of looking up, looking down, of seeing light differently through various angles, but this makes me appreciate even more what's out there. Right on my door step.

Thanks to the music from "She Moved Through the Fair" by Sláinte.

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