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Why I'm Creating a Business to help Passionate & Purposeful Creatives & Writers

At the moment I've hundreds of words and ideas swirling around my head. My notebook is being furiously written into. I'm watching Youtube videos on who is the best newsletter provider and creating a project management schedule - of sorts - in Asana (a new to me tool that I'm using to get organised). My head feels like it's going to pop. Every time I think I've learnt something new and that'll be it for the time being, I realise I need to learn something else. Google Drive, Asana, Mailchimp/Convertkit, Squarespace, an accounting spreadsheet - even scheduling posts for my Facebook page - is all taking up headspace.

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Why You Need to be Your Own Super Hero

One year ago I decided enough was enough. No longer was I going to hide under the table every time I posted something online. No longer was I going to hide my writing from the world. If I wanted to make a respectable living as a writer then I needed to push myself. I needed to do something differently to what I'd been doing for the last decade. It is one thing writing. It is another getting people, an audience, to read this writing. And isn't that what we, as writers, want? People to read our work? (And maybe a five figure advance on a book deal...)

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