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Five Things I've Learned from Launching a Mentoring Business

It was just over a year ago when I had the idea that I'd like to help other writers market themselves using social media. At the time I had just created this blog, my Instagram presence was less than one thousand followers, I had a love/hate relationship with Twitter and Facebook and had very little experience with other platforms. So what on earth made me think I could do it?

Well, my background is in marketing, so that knowledge I had. And I could see the potential of this online world. I was looking around the internet and there were people, often millennials, leading the way in communicating to different audiences.

There was Zoella with her vlog that captivated thousands and thousands of fans. Or Instagrammers that had tens of thousands of followers, who were now transferring into blogs and video. Some were earning good money from advertising. Others were writing articles in online magazines. Or speaking at conferences. Or getting book deals.

The internet was driving change.

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Why You Need to be Your Own Super Hero

One year ago I decided enough was enough. No longer was I going to hide under the table every time I posted something online. No longer was I going to hide my writing from the world. If I wanted to make a respectable living as a writer then I needed to push myself. I needed to do something differently to what I'd been doing for the last decade. It is one thing writing. It is another getting people, an audience, to read this writing. And isn't that what we, as writers, want? People to read our work? (And maybe a five figure advance on a book deal...)

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A healthy goal for 2017

So that's it. As I write this there are only a few hours left of 2016. Already writing the date, 2016, feels dated, old, so last year. I'm not in a rush to start 2017. I rather enjoy these days between Christmas and new year when I can relax, lie on the carpet with the fire warming my face, the dog next to me, notebook and pen in hand. But I do like the feeling of starting afresh. Making goals, do-able goals, for my writing and career, working out what I actually want to achieve over the next few months.

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