Summer evenings means avoiding the hedgehogs

It's time for my free-range chickens and ducks to go to bed

Ok, so the pros of chicken-keeping in the summer is that I can just pop on a pair of flip-flops, walk out the back door and Get On With It. 

In the winter I have to wrap up, pull on wellies, put on a hat and find the second glove from the pair that my dog has wandered off with. And the floor in the utility gets muddy oh so quickly.

But the summer time means I get bitten by night flying insects (and day flying). I think I currently have about twenty bites on my left leg alone. 

But the biggest fear is stepping on a hedgehog. 

It's real fear.

This fear is so great and the insects are so bitey, that chicken-keeping in winter wins every time.

The last time I nearly stepped on a hedgehog it squealed at me so loudly I actually clutched my heart.

And yes, I was relieved I didn't get spikes in my flip-flop encased feet, but there's this constant worry that next time, the hedgehog might not see me coming...

(What do you mean I shouldn't wear flip-flops?!)

The following vlog shows me doing the current evening routine and trying, and failing, to get everyone into bed. It's all going so well - except for one feathered creature.

P.S I LOVE hedgehogs. Last night I saw an adult and a baby. And didn't step on either.

putting my free-range chickens & ducks to bed