The Story of How Wincey-the-Hen Became a Mum


new chicksJust over three weeks ago the welsummer hatching eggs I ordered off eBay arrived. Wincey was taken out of her wooden chicken coop and placed into the red Eglu Go we reserve for new chickens. For now it was to become a maternity unit. A place for Wincey to sit, quietly and undisturbed, keeping those eggs warm. Incubation takes 21 days. On Friday I moved Wincey into the shed into, believe it or not, a wooden rabbit hutch. It was perfect as a labour ward. As I transferred the eggs, they were all warm and incredibly light. I felt incredibly hopeful.

Then, the following day, on Saturday morning, I popped down to let the chickens and ducks out into the morning. And what should I find in the shed? Wincey, looking at me rather startled, as the egg was beginning to crack.

I announced with great excitement on snapchat and twitter, that the first chick was hatching. And I managed to capture those first few movements as the chick slowly made its way out into the world.

The footage isn't always great quality as I alternated between the video function on my phone and snapchat. But I hope you like the film I made. Beginning with the day the eggs arrived in the post then showing first one, then two chicks.

I believe we have four chicks in total. I've seen three with my own eyes. One didn't make it, sadly, and died as it was coming out. And one egg has failed to hatch.

So this is the story of how six hatching eggs became four chicks. You might also be interested in Wincey's video diary of the incubation period.

The Story of How Wincey-the-hen Became a Mum from Helen || a bookish baker on Vimeo. Music: Fargo by Riot.

extra clip of chicks from Helen || a bookish baker on Vimeo.