The Seasons Outside My Back Door: Week 13 || April 2016


plum blossomOnce again I've created a mini-film for you to watch demonstrating the seasons outside my back door. You can see the blossom on the trees; the two featured are a plum and a damson, along with the arrival of fertilised eggs for Wincey. Thank you to my nephew, L, for holding the camera whilst I popped the eggs underneath.

The Arrival of Spring from Helen || a bookish baker on Vimeo.

Spring has very much arrived. The sycamore trees are almost out in leaf and there are signs of life on the silver birches, the horse chestnut, the wild cherry. Well, pretty much all the trees except the ash. This tree is always the last one to wake up in our garden.

I'm seeing two red kites daily; a few days ago they were fighting/courting (not sure which) and dive-bombing hen orchard. The chickens always make me laugh when this happens as they go running for cover. I've seen crows with small twigs in their beaks as they make their nests as well as male and female pheasants.

And on the film, if you listen carefully towards the end, you can hear the woodpecker laughing happily.