The Seasons Outside My Back Door: Week 12 March 2016


rivers early prolific plum blossom So spring arrived last week and the weather has been changeable.

I think, when the clocks change, when we have Easter and when we have the Spring Equinox there is an expectation that we're going to get blue skies, singing birds and buzzing bees. In reality we have storms, grey skies and rain. Especially in early spring. With glimpses of sunshine and just-washed blue skies in between. Which, quite honestly, is fine by me.

We have strong winds coming from the south and west at the moment. And they're cold winds. Very cold. Despite this we have blossom. Blossom in the hedgerows, blossom on the 'Rivers Early Prolific' plum tree and blossom on the damson tree. And it is rather glorious. Especially when it's not being battered by the winds.

We also have celandines. They open up brightly when the sun has got his hat on and are dotted along the banks of the stream and underneath a group of large sycamore trees.

The chickens and ducks are doing fine. I think I have a broody chicken. Or at least, half -hearted broody, and I'm rather hoping she is as it would be great to hatch some chicks...

chicken keeping

This week I've also potted up the willow cuttings that I took in week 8. All, except for the goat willow, have grown roots.

willow tree cuttings

Every week I'm documenting the seasons outside my back door. The changes in nature as it happens. You can find week one here.