Planning my writing projects for June

planning my writing projects for June

Well, here we are on the very first day of June. This month I’m very excited to be starting my new writing plan/schedule and to begin tackling long-term projects that have been pushed aside for the shorter term ones.

What I’ve done in my latest video is to show how I have given myself two goals to pursue over the next four months.

The first goal is to get my writing projects ready for submitting to agents or for self-publishing. I have three writing projects. A novel called Burnt Chocolate which I intend to submit to agents. A series of essays called The Confident Creative which I’d like to self-publish. And another novel that I’m undecided yet whether to self publish or to submit to agents.

The second goal is to get 1000 subscribers to my YouTube channel about cosy creative living by uploading consistent and good quality videos about writing, Instagram, notebooks and baking.

I have then divided these goals up into projects. And for each project I have a number of tasks. These tasks have been divided up by month and I am experimenting with weekly and daily calendar-blocking in order to get the job done!

The video explains it all in more detail. It’s very much a work in progress, this is definitely not the place where you’ll find beautifully finished bullet journal pages, but rather this is me trying to work out a way to get past the procrastination and get my novel finished.

Plan with me! Planning my writing projects for the month of June.