Our favourite things about autumn

autumn fruits and leaves

Today after months and months (well about five of them) I had to walk around the field in shoes other than my flip-flops. I’ve been living in my flip-flops over this hot summer as I really don’t like having warm feet. But today, after trying to chase the new puppy and slipping and squelching about, I conceded. My little welly boots were required.

Which means one thing. Autumn is on its way.

wearing wellibobs in the field

And I know that for some autumn is not their favourite time. Because autumn leads to winter and the cold and darkness.

But I’m all for celebrating every season. I even tried with my least favourite, summer, in a post called finding beauty in my least favourite season, a few months ago.

I also like to celebrate the different types of weather we have here in England. We have a bit of everything. Our weather forecasts are varied and days can be unpredictable. Listening to the weather being read out on the radio yesterday, I noticed the word ‘dull’ used to describe the forecast. “Let’s not use the word ‘dull,’” the radio presenter admonished. Well said, I thought. I love days of cloud and days of rain. They make me feel cosy and contained. And I get a lot of joy from that. A dull day in terms of less light does not make a dull day…

So what is it that I love so much about autumn? I love the change in temperature, the cold nights, the vibrant oranges and reds, the beautiful colours of the trees, especially when the sunlight catches. I love frosty mornings with blue skies and rainy mornings when I can lie in bed and listen to the pitter patter. I like the to feel the softness of the inside of a conker case and the smoothness of the conker. Damsons. Crumble. Sticky apple tray bake. Log fires. Watching my son in his rugby matches. Watching our local rugby team. Cold feet. Red cheeks. Dog walks in biting wind. Hot chocolate and frothy cream. Stews and soups. Dumplings. Cosy socks. Putting my pyjamas on at 4pm…I could go on.

I asked on Instagram what they loved about what’s coming over the next few months - and I received these utterly beautiful descriptions:

labrador puppy in autumn

“Frosty mornings walking down to the hen houses crunching over silver coated leaves. Opening up the hatches and watching as little bundles of feathery life burst out into the garden and peck at fallen berries while rustling under the bare branches.” @r33dyr0011_theurbanhens

“ Walking in the woods and collecting fallen leaves, the smell of wood smoke, misty mornings, apple crumble, pumpkin soup, sitting by the fire reading a good book…” @c_colli

“Stunning nature, reading on the sofa under a blanket, fresh crisp air, Strictly, candles, long walks.” @allthedots

“I love the sun being out but feeling a chill in the air, pumpkin spice drinks, seeing the fall leaves on the trees and then on the ground, my big comfy mustard yellow sweater and decorating my house with pumpkins and gourds of all different sizes and colours.” @righteousprincess

“Sitting on the porch while it rains with a big cup of coffee…” @juliemakesmagic

“The smell of Bonfire night. The colours, the first really cold day, swapping the knitted jumpers over from summer clothes, eating stews and fresh bread, log fires…” @maisieburn

“I can’t wait for those gorgeous chilly but beautiful bright sunny autumnal mornings. When you can smell woodsmoke in the village as everyone has their fire lit. Perfect!” @meadow_cottage_life

“Flickering candle light, hot chocolates, rushing back indoors cheeks glowing after a walk in the biting wind.” @musingandmeandering

“The amber California light. The slow change of leaf colour. The clarity of sea and sky. Hikes upon acorns. Birds migrating here and beyond. Apples, pears, pumpkins. Apple crisp. Pumpkin bread. Muller cider with spiced rum. Boots and sweaters. Halloween. Thanksgiving and its array of pies and soothing foods. Birthdays. Road trips up the coast and to mountains. Wine harvest. Candles. All magic.” @jdiannedotson

Do you look forward to autumn? What is it that you enjoy?

our favourite things about autumn
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