Nature Baking Journal Instagram Project


nature baking journal projectEarlier this year I created a steller project about My Year in Cake. I wrote:

"The time of year always dictates what I bake. Unconsciously I use pastel icing colours in spring, with the trend continuing and brightening as we surge into summer. Autumn baking is more muted; often inspired by the apple or plum harvest. And winter baking, both the act of and eating of, is for pure comfort."

I've found with my baking pictures on Instagram that I'm inspired by what is happening outside my back door. Or, sometimes, what is not happening. When the ground is frozen, soaked and brown I look for comfort within the kitchen. Therefore chocolate and ginger feature heavily through the winter months.

But with the arrival of spring, I've noticed I'm being inspired by the colours I'm seeing as I step outside. The vivid pinks of the hyacinths, the emerging dark pink of the flowering currant buds; fading slightly as they burst into flowers. And little cones on one of the trees. A deciduous needle tree that I haven't worked out what it is, yet. Tiny and pink cones, they are. Stunning colour.

It is so cheering to see pink outside after all this time. The landscape is still a smudge of green and brown, the trees have yet to explode with the vivid green of young leaves. There is the striking yellow of daffodils, which I love to see, but the colour is too close to brown and green to create that passionate delight. Seeing these different hues of pink is a feast for the eyes.

And yes, it influences what I bake or how I style my bakes for photographing and, ultimately, Instagram.

With this is mind I've created a new hashtag for Instagram. I do love a hashtag. It's #naturebakingjournal. And I would love it if you'd join in.

You might use nature within your baking; a wild garlic and cheese scone for example is perfect for March. Or you might use nature to inspire your baking colours. Or you might find some thyme flowers, a hyacinth, or maybe some plum blossom is the perfect prop to enhance your pictures of your bakes.

However you interpret the hashtag I would LOVE to see your pictures.

Each month I'll feature my favourites on this blog.

Find me on Instagram as @abookishbaker.

blood orange icing cream cake