Journaling my Instagram Photos

journaling my Instagram photos

I have posted over 1500 photographs on Instagram since I started my account five years ago this summer. That’s a lot of memories and creativity to be keeping on an account I have no control over. Seriously, if Instagram disappeared tomorrow all those photographs and writing would be gone in a puff of digital smoke.

Since moving to our new house six weeks ago I thought it would be great to create a journal of our time here. And then I thought some more and came to the conclusion I’d like to look back at my time at our previous house, too. What better way to do that than to scroll through my Instagram photos and captions?

I’d always fancied a Traveler’s Notebook. I love the leather cover and the exciting layers of paper inside: crammed with more paper, with writing, with things being stuck in…I wanted to have a go for myself. Sadly I never had time previously but now my life is different I can indulge my creative side and experiment.

I bought a number of things from The Journal Shop including the Traveler’s Notebook. I also treated myself to a photo printer. I’ve got a Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 Mobile Photo Printer * which prints out square photos straight from your Instagram account via their app on your phone.

Initially I was going to do a uniform photo album type layout but I found myself tearing up pieces of paper and washi tape. Having a search around on YouTube I found I was doing naturally what more experienced ‘journalers’ (is that a word?!) do. Mind you, I was very basic with my torn strips of kraft paper, nothing like the beautifully crafted journals I’ve seen, but I’d definitely like to explore and experiment some more in the future as I continue my Instagram journal. An exciting new world has opened up to me!

So now all I have to share with you is my video showing me journaling my Instagram photographs from 2014.

journaling my instagram photographs

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