Introducing: Sowing Stories - the e-course

sowing stories ecourse

For ten years I was writing a blog, playing with designs, changing hosts, changing domain names, scratching my head and changing my mind on the theme and topic of the blog. Going round and around in circles.

Occasionally I look back at these years and wonder what on earth I was doing.

But then, on other days, I look back and wonder at the sheer amount of knowledge I gained during that time. Knowledge that has allowed me to launch A Bookish Baker early in 2016 -which is going from strength to strength in terms of readers - but, most crucially, has enabled me to discover my creative voice as well as experiment with different creative mediums.

If we give it a nature analogy you could say I was preparing the ground, cultivating the soil and sowing the seeds.

My blog is so important to me. It allows me to be creative. It allows me to have my words read. A feeling like no other is when someone has read your words and drops you a comment or an email to say they could relate, that they enjoyed reading, that they were inspired by my words.

This is one of the reasons why I write a blog. It's instant creative gratification. 

My blog has given me confidence with my writing. It has also encouraged me to try new things.

In recent months I've been asked how I've created my blog, how I've built it up, how I've got over The Fear, how I've found an audience.

There are many articles and courses online that tell you how to create a blog for a business. They talk about creating niches, an essential email list, turning readers into 'raving fans'.

But, not many of them are specifically for writers and creatives who just want to share their stories - whether this is through words, photography or film. How does all of this business blog information have any relevance to you and what you'd like to achieve?

You might want to write, to gain a readership, to gain a literary agent, or shrug off the self-doubt, or to just stop procrastinating and experiment with your creativity and see where it all might lead. 

Putting together a professional looking blog is your calling card. Whether you're looking for representation for your writing, for a publisher, for readers, for viewers, or maybe for brands you'd like to work with. 

It's also, most importantly,  your place to create and to share your stories. Whether this be fiction, non-fiction, essays, short snippets and musings, lists, film or photography. 

So I'm distilling all of my knowledge into an e-course. That's what Sowing Stories is all about. Giving you a toolbox of information for you to set up your own blog quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to what is most important. The writing. The creativity.


  • Are you new to the online world and a bit bewildered?
  • Have you been using social media for a few years but now want to take a next step?
  • Do you feel you have things to say? (Even if you don't know what those 'things' are yet?)
  • Are you on social media but have more to say than what Instagram or Twitter allows?
  • Are you uncomfortable wth building an audience on a platform that you have no control over?
  • Are you stopping yourself from moving forward with your creativity due to lack of technical knowledge?
  • Do you have a fear of failure/fear of success/procrastination thing going on?
  • Do you have a fear of putting yourself out there?
  • Do you have a fear of technology?

Then let me help you.

Blogging has given me:

A new creative direction. It has helped me find my interests, my creative joy. It has given me opportunities to work with brands and make a few ££s. It has encouraged me to write every day and to hone my writing voice.

Is 2018 the year you'd like to create a blog and share your stories online?

Starting at the end of February is my new e-course: Sowing Stories.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Finding your best blogging platform
  • What to call your blog
  • Blog design including logo, colours and fonts
  • How to share your blog on social media including Pinterest
  • Categorising content
  • The About Me page
  • Finding your voice and what you want to write about

All of this will be written in a clear, practical and easy to understand way. I'll be using examples from my own blog as case studies.

I am currently writing the course as you read this so if you think it would be useful for you in 2018 then YOU have the opportunity to influence the topics and to get any specific questions you have answered.

Sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear when the course will be launched and send me, by replying to the email, any questions you would like me to answer.

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The course is due to start at the end of January and will be around 4-6 weeks with one lesson a week. 

I'd like to keep the course price below £100 and there will be a discount for early sign-ups.

I'll be sending the launch email early in the new year to those on my email list first before it goes out onto general release.

Spaces will be limited so that I can spend as much time as possible with the course students.