How to Display Your Instagram Photographs

How to display your instagram photos I adore Instagram. I love creating photographs and thinking how I'm going to frame my subject; be it eggs, lemon curd, cake, chickens or the dog. It's a pictorial diary of what we get up to with the animals, the trees, our walks and what I make in the kitchen.

It seems a shame, therefore, that these photographs only exist inside my phone. So I decided to display them on my office wall.

It's really easy to do. I used a cheap canvas from amazon but you could also use an old picture frame (without the bit in the middle).

There are many companies around now who will print your Instagram pictures. I used Photobox and their retro style prints. It is really easy to print your photos from Instagram. You just add your IG account to the photo company and hey presto all your photographs are there. You could, of course, also print them yourself.

Here is how to display your Instagram photographs:


Photographs, canvas, paint, string, ruler, mini pegs, stapler.


  1. Paint the canvas (I used Artbox 24x18 inch Value Framed Canvas) the colour you'd like. I used some leftover Annie Sloan chalk paint (Paris Grey). Give it two coats.
  2. Once the canvas is dry, take the string (I used Bakers Twine Pink And White 75m), and lay it out at the top of the canvas for your first row. Use your ruler to make sure it is at the same height each side.
  3. Check the photograph with the mini peg in place on this first line (I used Natural Mini Craft Pegs Wooden 100/pk) won't peak over the top of the canvas.
  4. Staple the string on the back of the canvas securely into place. You might need to pull the string to tighten it, then add a few more staples.
  5. Take one photograph and peg it on, then work out where to put your second piece of string. Make a mark with a pencil, remove the photograph and repeat the string attaching process.
  6. Make as many lines of string as you can fit on your canvas.
  7. Take your photographs and arrange where they're going to go.
  8. Peg into place.
  9. Hang on wall.

Easy. But it makes me smile every time I look at it.


How to display your instagram photographs


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