How I'm outlining my novel

How I'm outlining my novel

I've successfully managed to not write my novel for many months. In fact, I think late 2016 was the last time I went near it.

As I say in this week's video (below) this is because I've been busy with my coaching business and new websites and my head cannot take on too many projects at once.

My fiction writing is always the first thing I drop when my head is full. I wish it wasn't but, by dropping it, I don't have to the voices in my head constantly telling me what a rubbish writer I am. Who wouldn't want to get that out of their head?

But I've been encouraged to give it another go. And Libbie Hawker's book, Take Off Your Pants - Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing, has been perfect to get me planning, editing and just thinking about it all again. 

It's straightforward, gives examples with books I've actually read, and doesn't bamboozle me with 'technical' writing words. 

Instead Libby guides you through the process of outlining a novel. I've always been a planner. I like to know where I'm going, but all this time I've been focusing on the wrong area. It's fascinating. And it's made me want to write again. Which is definitely a good thing.

And here is my video where I explore more about Libbie's outlining method and how I've used it to make progress with my novel. 

How I'm outlining my novel