How I write my essays for Patreon

How I write my essays for Patreon

Since late last year I have been writing essays about online writing and creativity for my patrons on Patreon. These essays have covered the subjects of creative confidence, being different to the norm, creative bravery and running out of creative ‘oomph’. My next one (currently in process) is about procrastination.

Despite the anxiety and procrastination that happens every time I write an essay I actually really enjoy the process. I’m hoping to pull all of them together as a book by the end of the year/once I have twelve of them and I currently ’sell’ each essay for a minimum of one dollar on Patreon.

So far I’ve received some lovely feedback. I’m incredibly grateful to all my patrons and humbled that they’re willing to support me like this.

For essay number four I filmed the process for a YouTube video. This captured the process from initial idea to pressing publish on the Patreon site.

If you’re interested in doing something similar on Patreon, or you like to see the writing process at work then do take a look at my video:

I filmed the process of writing my fourth essay for Patreon so you could see how I went from conceiving the idea (through journalling) all the way to clicking publish on my Patreon account.