How I use my notebooks as a writer & creative

how I use my notebooks as a writer and creative

I love new notebooks. They contain such promise - but I think that is why so many of us don’t use them. I know I certainly have a shelf FULL of blank pages and the blank page can be intimidating.

But I’ve been watching Sarra of Heart Breathings on YouTube and she has been giving advice on how we can fill our notebooks.

This got me thinking about my notebooks and how they have helped me with my planning, my business and my writing and creativity over the past few years. So, I decided to open the pages and show you the insides.

I do hope you like this video. It makes me feel quite vulnerable opening up my notebooks.

I cannot stress enough how photographing my notebooks for Instagram has pushed me as a writer. It has also made me that little bit more confident - although the intense vulnerability I’m feeling right now after uploading the video is threatening that confidence!

These are just some of the notebook pages I’ve uploaded - with some creative non-fiction - over the past few years…

My current favourite notebooks are the gridded lemome notebook for planning and the leuchtturm softcover for writing. [The USA links are leuchtturm softcover and the lemome.] (The links are affiliate meaning I make a few pennies if you buy through that link at NO extra cost to yourself).

How I use my notebooks as a writer & creative