Five children's books recommended by my 9-year-old daughter

five children's books for nine and ten year old girls

My daughter, soon to be ten-years-old, is a voracious reader. She has consumed a massive amount of books during the course of this year and, at some point, I’ll do a round-up of them all.

She has her own Instagram account (though I oversee it, I won’t be letting my daughter loose on Instagram for some time) called Little Reading Reviews. The only problem being, once she’s finished one book she doesn’t want to review it or photograph it because she’s straight onto the next!

So I thought I’d write a blog post of the five books she has particularly enjoyed in the last couple of months. She LOVED all of them.

The 1000-year-old boy by Ross Welford

Alfie Monk is like any other nearly teenage boy – except he’s 1,000-years-old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England. Obviously no one believes him. But Alfie has been 13-years-old for 1000 years after swallowing a ‘life-pearl’ during the viking invasions. Now, in the modern world after a tragic event, he, along with Aiden and Roxy go on an unforgettable journey.

Death in the Spotlight by Robin Stevens

Well, Robin Stevens has done it again. Delighted and captured the attention of my daughter with her latest Murder Most Unladylike Mystery called Death in the Spotlight. And now Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells are off to the theatre…but something wrong is afoot and then a body is found.

This is a gorgeous series of books, like a mixture of Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton’s boarding school books. If you want to start at the beginning the first one is simply called Murder Most Unladylike.

The Last Chance Hotel by Nicki Thornton

The Last Chance Hotel is described as Harry Potter meets Agatha Christie! No wonder my daughter loved it!

This is the blurb: Seth is the oppressed kitchen boy at the remote Last Chance Hotel, owned by the nasty Bunn family. His only friend is his black cat, Nightshade. When a strange gathering of magicians arrives for dinner, kindly Dr Thallomius is poisoned by Seth's special dessert. A locked-room murder investigation ensues - and Seth is the main suspect. The funny thing is, he's innocent ... can he solve the mystery and clear his name, especially when magic's afoot?

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Max Einstein is 12 years old and a genius. She goes to college, plays speed chess and talks to Albert Einstein. Then one day she’s recruited by a mysterious organisation. Their mission: solve some of the world’s toughest problems using science.

A great adventure with scientific facts.

a place called perfect and the trouble with perfect by Helena Duggan

A Place called Perfect by Helena Duggan

A Place Called Perfect and the second novel, The Trouble with Perfect, has been a delight for my daughter to read. However, she wasn’t immediately taken with the first one because of the book blurb - it just didn’t inspire her! Violet moves to Perfect with her dad’s new job. She meets a boy called Boy and, without giving anything away, Violet discovers something about the town and its inhabitants and has an amazing adventure. Twists and turns, a little scary occasionally but my daughter LOVED it.

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