Do I struggle with perfectionism (and other questions)

Do I struggle with perfectionism and other questions

Last week I recorded a video where I answered some of the questions I’ve been asked on Instagram and in my private Facebook group.

I’m not going to lie I felt all sorts of terrified whilst undertaking this small project. Fear and worry about my face being on screen for thirty minutes, imposter syndrome as I thought - who am I to be giving advice or talking about my writing journey I haven’t achieved anything. And also a kind of invisibility frustration. The latter something I need to think about further and maybe write a blog post about it.

But I pushed through my fears and sent it live and have had some lovely feedback.

I was asked about:

  • Patreon

  • Whether I struggle with perfectionism (my immediate thought was no but realised I do in some cases)

  • How I decide between what I should do and what I truly want to do

  • Is it too late to be on social media?

  • How to get past the numbers

  • My favourite part of everything I do

  • My journey as a writer

  • My major stepping stones that helped me get to this point

  • Vlogging

So if you’re interested in any or all of these questions and answers then do watch the video below:

And if you have any questions yourself do let me know.