Five Books My (8-Year-Old) Daughter Recommends


It's the school holidays here in the UK and it just happens to coincide with some building work we're having done in our house. Consequently we can't go anywhere much as we need to be on hand for numerous questions. So, my children are having to amuse themselves. My daughter must have read about four books already. I thought her choice of books might make a good blog post, because, it you're anything like me, as an adult you struggle to find books for children that are appropriate, a little challenging and (for me in particular) as exciting as the Enid Blyton adventures she loves so very much.

The St.Clare's series by Enid Blyton

Of course we had to start with this one. My daughter loves the fact it's set in a boarding school (as did I at her age) and adores the characters and the exciting adventures they get up to.

Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

Again, set in a boarding school (you'll be seeing a theme here) Daisy and Hazel set up a detective agency. Unfortunately there isn't much of interest to investigate. Until they find the body of the science mistress. Which then mysteriously disappears. What to do? Well, they must solve the murder. And prove a murder happened in the first place. My daughter described this book as 'thrilling and exciting' (she ran into the kitchen at one point all of a quiver to tell me just how exciting it was) and consumed it all in one day.

Pea's Book of Birthdays by Susie Day

This is the third book in the Pea series. The first is called Pea's Book of Best Friends where Pea, along with her mother (a famous author) and her sister's Clover and Tinkerbell, move from Tenby to London. Pea would be happy enough - except she doesn't have a best friend. In Pea's Book of Birthdays it's Pea's birthday and everyone is there to celebrate. Except for her dad. My daughter finds these books really funny and has re-read them over and over.

School for Stars Series by Holly & Kelly Willoughby

Ok, so I admit to being a bit snobbish about this book when I saw it. A children's book by a celebrity - how original. But you know what? My daughter absolutely loves it. (And she has no idea who Holly Willoughby is!) And you can tell just how much my daughter has loved this book because it is battered. It's the story of twin sisters, Molly and Maria, who are just starting school at the L'Etoile School for Stars. Yes, it's another boarding school!

Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson

One of the 'problems' with my daughter being such a voracious reader with an exceptional reading ability for her age is that she seeks more and more challenging books. However, these challenging books aren't always age appropriate in terms of content. Some of the Jacqueline Wilson ones, for example, are not suitable just yet. However this one, based on a girl born in 1876, was perfect. Hetty was born in London and left to be raised at the Foundling Hospital. She is placed with a foster family and becomes fascinated by the circus. But then she has to return to the Foundling Hospital for her eduction and, although she misses her foster brothers, she does have the chance to discover who her real mother is.

So these are five books my daughter recommends. Do you have any to add? She'd love to know!