A tour of my writing desk

a tour of my writing desk

Towards the end of last year, prompted by the pain I was getting in my neck and shoulders, I decided that my new year’s resolution was to look after my posture.

So I put a bluetooth keyboard on my list to Father Christmas thinking I could raise my laptop up on some box files, make the screen at eye-level and therefore sit up straighter.

I got my keyboard and was really exited about it. But then I realised I also needed a mouse as my trackpad was on my laptop which was now raised up on box files! Then my husband and son encouraged me to get a monitor because I was squinting at my screen which was now that little bit further away.

And that’s when I realised a monitor would be safer on a proper riser rather than some flimsy box files.

And it has revolutionised my writing set up. I can tuck my laptop away underneath my riser, I can store all my notebooks and pens in the riser (which were previously scattered everywhere) and I save time because I’m not searching for stuff.

So without further ado this is the very short video where I give you a grand tour of my new writing desk set up (links are below or in the description box of the video).

A Tour of My Writing Desk for improved posture and decreased neck pain