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Is social media stifling creativity?

Facebook rather (over)excitedly told me yesterday that it was our ten year anniversary. I had been on Facebook for ten years. Which means I've been blogging for slightly longer, and tweeting for slightly less.

In this decade of social media I've seen many creative endeavors evolve and grow.

There was the rise of the blog becoming a book deal. The film Julie and Julia (one of my favourites) came about because of Julie Powell's blog. Or we have the Belle de Jour blog which became a book and, later, a TV series with Billie Piper. 

Back then social media was used to chat. 'Water cooler' chatting. Writers, working on their own all day, would come together to compare word counts and commiserate or celebrate accordingly.

Blogs were like diaries. A place to share writing. A place to be anonymous or to share projects.

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Why I'm Creating a Business to help Passionate & Purposeful Creatives & Writers

At the moment I've hundreds of words and ideas swirling around my head. My notebook is being furiously written into. I'm watching Youtube videos on who is the best newsletter provider and creating a project management schedule - of sorts - in Asana (a new to me tool that I'm using to get organised). My head feels like it's going to pop. Every time I think I've learnt something new and that'll be it for the time being, I realise I need to learn something else. Google Drive, Asana, Mailchimp/Convertkit, Squarespace, an accounting spreadsheet - even scheduling posts for my Facebook page - is all taking up headspace.

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Do you ever feel like the more you do the less you've achieved?

Do you ever feel like the more you do the less you've achieved? I know, that sounds weird, right?

But I've been working hard on all sorts of things in the last few months.

I've sorted out an online system for working with clients - I've even got clients and worked with them on their social media - that's massive, right? I've launched my new website on a different platform to this one so I had to learn all the tech stuff, I've sorted out the associated mailing lists, updated my computer because the wifi kept dropping, registered a domain, sorted a new email address...the list goes on, but I'm stopping there as I don't want to appear braggy - I'm just giving context ;)

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