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Why I'm Creating a Patreon Account

Okay, so it's time for a brand new writing adventure for me. 

And I'm pretty nervous - so I'm trying not to think too hard about it. I'm just typing the words and pressing the buttons on the keyboard. Sometimes that's just the best way.

I've just finished filling in my Patreon creator account page. As per the rules of Patreon you have to fill it in then submit it to them to ensure it's within their community guidelines. So I pressed the big red button to submit and now I'm waiting for someone to let me know it's all good to go and I'm now live.

You might be thinking...Helen, what on earth are you talking about? What is this Patreon you're referring to?

Well, Patreon is a site for creatives - bands, artists, podcasters, filmmakers and writers (to name just a few) who are providing something in return for monetary support from patrons. 

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My writing projects for the month of June

Last month I wrote about what my writing projects were going to be during May. I never really thought about doing this again for the month of June but it was fairly successful and I learned from it so I'm going to go ahead and chat about what worked last month and what I'm going to work on this month.

So, as a quick recap, I've come to the conclusion that the best way for me to work is to divide the month up into projects. Not to have deadlines or to get so many words written in a day. But to say, this month I'm working on 'x'.

Last month my two main goals were

1. to increase the amount of blog posts I write

2. to work on my novel.

I achieved both. But maybe not quite as productively as I'd hoped.

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My Writing Projects for the Month of May (and why working on projects in monthly 'chunks' is more efficient for me )

My writing projects for the month of May 2018 || What if, at the start of every month, I gave myself one big or a couple of small projects to solely work on that month? How would this affect my writing output?This way I won’t worry about the other ideas I have that distract me. I can simply write those ideas on a list and schedule them in for another month.

This blog post details what I’m working on, creatively, during May.

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What we, as online creatives, can learn from the Zoella Advent-Calendar-Saga

As I start to write this on the morning of Tuesday 14th November 2017 the fall-out from Zoella's advent calendar is ongoing. In fact, it's pretty much taken on a life of its own.

If you haven't heard about all the drama essentially Zoella's lifestyle range has released a luxury advent calendar, a twelve days of Christmas one - so with 12 doors -  and the contents are, well, not very expensive. For example you have some sparkly confetti behind one door, a small candle behind another, seven stickers in one and a small cookie cutter behind another. And for twelve gifts like this you pay £50.

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No more novel procrastination?

I'm sipping coffee whilst staring out the window. I'm scrolling through social media, from Instagram to Twitter, to Feedly, to YouTube, to Pinterest even to the dreaded Facebook.

Not many people online. Probably all working. Or writing. Damnit.

I should be writing. I've just read through a rough outline of my novel. I got excited. I got more ideas. I started to think about writing it. 

But I don't pull out my notepad or the rest of my notes. Oh no. 

I just carry on scrolling.

And now...I'm writing this.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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Writing about not writing

My head is like the today's sky which was smothered with an eerie Sahara sand. Casting a strange sepia light onto the earth below. I want to write, I see glimmers of the red sun, and clear skies in the distance, but however long I drive I can't quite reach them.

I took last week off. And half of the week before. And when I say off I mean off writing, off blogging. At first I tried other creative pursuits. I recorded film, I made my Instagram Stories mini-films, I read magazines, listened to podcasts.

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