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My writing month October 2018

It’s a real cliche but October went by fast. It was the month of my birthday, the month where the early morning starts with the puppy started to take its toll and the month of half term.

Which is my way of leading up to the fact that October didn’t go as well for me as I’d hoped on the writing front. I suppose this is unsurprising when I think of everything I achieved in September. You cannot keep going at full throttle; at some point you have to slow down and sort the house, spend time with your family and clean out the chicken houses!

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Running my own race and no-one else's

I was watching a YouTube video the other day. It was by a successful author entrepreneur and something she said really resonated with me.

(Now I’m paraphrasing here so bear with.)

When it comes to your own creative endeavours, run your own race. At your own speed. In your own way. If you look over and see another woman running faster so try and run like her: speed, gait, mannerisms - you are no longer running your race.

You’re running hers…

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How to write when life is busy

I was asked on Instagram a few weeks ago if I had any tips on fitting in writing when life is so busy. So I’ve written this blog post in answer to that. I’m not saying it’s the definitive answer but it is how I’ve done it and maybe, if you’re looking to fit in writing to an already busy schedule, you can adapt it to work for you too.

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Why does writing make me feel so guilty?

Over the summer holidays, during a much needed break, I made a decision. 

But before I tell you my decision let's go back to January 2017.

At the beginning of this year I had a set of goals. This was to create a portfolio business consisting of my blog, Instagram, my newsletter, writing magazine articles, exploring the possibilities with my chicken drawings and writing my non-fiction and novel.

In my notebook I wrote:

In three months I will have a healthy business, writing and drawing, and will be making an income from it.

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No More Niching: The Feedback

When I wrote the post: Why I'm No Longer Niching My Blog about why I thought I'd made a mistake in my business because I'd followed all the online advice to 'niche' my blog, I was apprehensive.

Firstly, because I was admitting I'd made a mistake and I was worried how my clients/future clients would feel about this.

And secondly because what I was thinking went against the advice of so many other people online.

But despite my concerns I posted it anyway. As I've been sharing my business (and writing) story, I thought it only fair to say when I'd taken a wrong turn.

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Why I'm no longer 'niching' my blog

I’ve been silent for the past few days. What’s up? my husband asks me.

Nothing. I say.

And I mean it. I think it is nothing.

But, being on my own for the past few days; no children, husband or builders during the day, has given me space to think.

And I realise what is bothering me. Why I’d lost my spark.

I’ve made a mistake with my business.

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