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The last day of August 2018

Well, I've made it. Today is the last day of August. Tomorrow it will be September and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Oh the relief.

The countdown to September started last week when the night time temperatures dropped. This, in turn, dropped my shoulders down a notch because it meant the amount of flies hovering around substantially decreased. Good news especially as we're on the last fly swat and even that is beginning to look a little shredded…

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Is my slow-living life making me anxious?

My chickens and ducks are stressing me out, I wrote in one of the Facebook groups I belong to a few days ago. My slow-living life is actually making me anxious. My jaw is constantly clenched, making my teeth sensitive and the pain is going up into my ears.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring always means there's lots to be done. The ducks in particular are filthy creatures. Six of them in one house makes for a lot of mess and a lot of smell and the constant feeling that I'm not keeping on top of it.

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What I learnt about writing online from Zoella and other YouTubers

My husband laughs at me. My teenage son rolls his eyes. And my daughter, she's eight, asks 'are you watching Zo-ella, again?' She's already learnt the art of taking the Mickey.

And, to answer her question, yes. Yes I am. As I write this I'm watching Zoella's Vlogmas from 2016. Her countdown to Christmas by vlogging every day in December. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

During Vlogmas we see her house dressed up with Christmas trees, we see her laughing hysterically with her friend Mark and supermarket shopping with her boyfriend, Alfie. We open her advent calendars (yes, plural) with her, see her takeaways and her oh so cute black pug, Nala dressed in various seasonal outfits. It's all very tame, very homey and it's certainly not an expletive or action packed video. She bakes banana loaf, goes to garden centres, describes what clothes she wearing and puts on make-up whilst chatting to her audience. Her more recent videos, where she shows her (incidentally, gorgeous) new house, has time lapses of her tidying cupboards. 

You might be thinking...huh? 

I know. I understand.

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