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Last week Glamour announced that it was no longer producing a monthly magazine. Like other magazines who are but a distant memory the end had come. 

And it's sad. Sad for the readers, sad for the staff, and sad for those also involved behind the scenes in getting the magazine from computer to hard copy into the homes of the readers. 

As a writer myself who has always hoped to write for magazines (that's my 'one day' wish along with being a published author) it could be seen as a kick in the teeth and make me wail about the way content writing is going. 

And I guess I would - if it wasn't for the fact that sitting next to me on my desk are three very lovely magazines I've bought just in this last fortnight alone.

Unlike Glamour magazine they do not cost a mere £1. The Simple Things is £4.99 (though I personally get this on subscription), In the Moment magazine is £5.99 and Creative Countryside - a seasonal rather than monthly magazine, is £8.

These three magazines are part of a growth in printed niche magazines. Physical magazines that offer a slower reading experience rather than consuming articles in quick gulps online. Magazines that favour well thought out articles with beautiful photography. Magazines that are tactile, on thick matte paper, that smell good (or is that just me that sniffs them?!) And there's no flicking through hundreds of adverts, becoming exasperated, like in traditional magazines before you find any decent content. 

And yes, I'm rather obsessed.

Last week, after the announcement about Glamour and the tweets lamenting the decline in print journalism I saw this tweet from Iceberg press: 

iceberg press

Iceberg Press is a small independent publishing house. They say on their website: "The world of magazines has never been more vibrant and innovative, but you wouldn't know it from the average newsstand today."

All this was in the same week that Eleanor Cheetham launched the first edition of her independent magazine, Creative Countryside, after raising funds through crowdfunding (and which was 136% funded).  And is now, as I write, completely sold out - though there may well be another print run if enough people express an interest so add your email here.

So with all this in mind I thought I'd share some of the magazines (below) that have been recommended to me on both Twitter and Instagram.

Do you have any more to add?

gorgeous niche magazines

Creative Countryside

An online journal and quarterly printed magazine for wild and wholehearted folk. (And yes, I do have an article in it about bookish hygge which I am *thrilled* about.)

The Simple Things

The Simple Things is published monthly and is all about taking time to live well.

We celebrate slowing down, enjoying what you have, making the most of where you live, enjoying the company of friends and family, and feeding them well. We like to grow some of our own vegetables, visit local markets, rummage for vintage finds, and decorate our home with the plunder. We love being outdoors and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Oh Comely Magazine

oh comely is a curious, honest and playful independent magazine. It’s a place to meet strangers, hear their stories and look at life a little differently – where our readers are our writers and our models, too.

In the Moment

A brand new magazine that helps women make the most of every day through mindfulness, creativity and well-being. 

91 Magazine

An independent interiors and lifestyle magazine. 

Every page aims to inspire the space that surrounds you, the life that you've created and the things that you love. Focusing on interiors, creative living, styling, shopping, making, connecting.

Landscape Magazine

LandScape magazine brings you the very best of Britain. Its evocative content means you can bring every season to life in your home. A focus on gardening, cookery, craft, Britain's heritage and countryside.

In Clover Magazine

In Clover is a bi-annual print only publication that focuses on slow living and offline pursuits. In Clover was born of the belief that print was a medium worth fighting for. In the ever expanding digital age the founders wanted to preserve a quality print product that focuses on meaningful and inspiring content. 

Cedar Magazine

Here at Cedar we are real enthusiasts for the art of stumbling across things, venturing outdoors and turning the corner to discover somewhere new or hidden. Whilst we enjoy discovering faraway hinterlands our curiosity is really sparked by the people and places in our communities and local areas who inspire ideas for our own lifestyle and pursuits.

Rakes Progress Magazine

Contemporary gardening and style magazine for urban gardeners.

Cereal Magazine

Cereal is a bi-annual magazine about travel and style. Exclusive stories, features, film, playlists and online travel guides.

Ernest Journal

Ernest is a daily blog, a digital magazine and biannual printed journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk.

Walnut Magazine

An independent magazine focusing on informative health articles, mouth-watering recipes, food producers and practitioners in complementary medicine.

Breathe Magazine

Breathe is the body-and-soul magazine, bringing you mindfulness, wellbeing and creativity for a calmer, more relaxed you.


Our vision is to produce a publication about getting back to what really matters through nurturing our connection to the natural world. Constantly inspired and fascinated by the living world around us, we believe that in better understanding it we will better understand our place within it, our responsibilities and the possibilities open to us.

Edited to add:

Lionheart Magazine

Lionheart is an independent lifestyle publication for those looking for something that reflects their ideas and curiosities. Style, culture, stories, interviews, travel, photography, craft and illustration. 

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