Saturday lunchtime soup

An autumnal hearty soup for those chilly days when you’ve been by the side of a rugby or hockey pitch (or even been playing!). This is my recipe for leek and potato soup:

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How Instagram made me a better writer

I really enjoy telling my stories in my Instagram captions. I always think about how I feel when I’m describing something and how I can use words, similes or sentences to convey this feeling. With practice this has helped me uncover my writing voice and made me a better writer.

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Why I'm Creating a Patreon Account

Okay, so it's time for a brand new writing adventure for me. 

And I'm pretty nervous - so I'm trying not to think too hard about it. I'm just typing the words and pressing the buttons on the keyboard. Sometimes that's just the best way.

I've just finished filling in my Patreon creator account page. As per the rules of Patreon you have to fill it in then submit it to them to ensure it's within their community guidelines. So I pressed the big red button to submit and now I'm waiting for someone to let me know it's all good to go and I'm now live.

You might be thinking...Helen, what on earth are you talking about? What is this Patreon you're referring to?

Well, Patreon is a site for creatives - bands, artists, podcasters, filmmakers and writers (to name just a few) who are providing something in return for monetary support from patrons. 

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My September reading list

I’m looking forward to reading by the fire later this month when the evenings become a lot cooler. These three books: a cosy murder mystery, a contemporary novel and a witty novel set in a 1950s English village are on my September reading list.

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The last day of August 2018

Well, I've made it. Today is the last day of August. Tomorrow it will be September and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Oh the relief.

The countdown to September started last week when the night time temperatures dropped. This, in turn, dropped my shoulders down a notch because it meant the amount of flies hovering around substantially decreased. Good news especially as we're on the last fly swat and even that is beginning to look a little shredded…

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