How I Stopped Losing Followers on Instagram & Boosted my Engagement

How I stopped losing followers on INstagram and boosted my engagement.

Just over a month ago I’d had enough with losing followers on Instagram. My account was an important part of my writing business and watching my account lose 1000 followers over the course of this year was frustrating me.

So I decided to take back control and work out how I could grow my account again despite the algorithm. I changed lots of things on my account - and it worked. I’ve gained 300 followers in the last month. My engagement per photo has doubled (and sometimes quadrupled!). So I thought I’d create a video on how I did it…

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How to write when you don't feel like it

I’ve been dreaming about this day all week. It’s the day when I have UNINTERRUPTED writing time. Where I can sit at my desk after walking the dogs and just write. No meetings, no appointments, the school run is later than normal and I have ALL the time to write.

But when it comes to school run time in the evening…I have nothing to show for my day. I have procrastinated. I have scrolled. I have faffed. I have even cleaned the bathroom. But I have done no writing whatsoever.

And this is because my mind told me I didn’t feel like it. But in actual fact I was scared. I was overwhelmed. I was worrying about potential future successes or fearing failure. And I was way out of my comfort zone. It was easier to come up with excuses as to why I hadn’t written than actually starting the writing task for the day.

This went on for a while until I remembered an old trick a published author once taught me when we were in a writing group together. And every time I used this trick - I got writing done.

In this video I talk about this trick and I also share how I put it into action as I finish off the chapter planning for the last two acts of my novel: [Click on read in browser to watch the video]

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How I Reached 1000 Subscribers: My YouTube Story

I’ve had many doubts over the past year as to whether I could grow a YouTube channel. I’m a 40+ year old woman, part of Generation X, what do I have to say that people might find interesting? And how on earth do I go about creating and uploading videos?

It’s been a long journey to get to 1000 subscribers and, like with my writing, the long time it takes for me to reach my goals has a lot to do with confidence. But I persevered and a few weeks ago I hit the 1000 subscriber mark. I was absolutely thrilled.

On Instagram I’ve spoken about my YouTube journey quite a bit and I know many people are interested in creating videos - but one of the main things that stop them is confidence. Whether it’s the technical side, or showing their face, or the risk of being trolled or real-life friends and family or acquaintances finding out…believe me I’ve had all these anxieties too.

But I went ahead and learned how to record and edit videos anyway….

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WRITING MY NOVEL: Working with Index Cards

I’m now going deeper into this planning and editing of my novel than I ever anticipated and it is making me both excited and, if I’m really honest, a little scared. I feel this could become a really good story but due to my fear and doubts I’m wondering if I can pull it off! But I’m nothing if not determined.

In this week’s video I share how I’ve broken the novel up into chapters and, following on from the last video where I drew up a grid to identify gaps in the plot, I am now starting to make additions on the index cards marked ‘insert’. Click the link to watch the video.

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