14 Gorgeous Niche Magazines in Print

Last week Glamour announced that it was no longer producing a monthly magazine. Like other magazines who are but a distant memory the end had come. 

And it's sad. Sad for the readers, sad for the staff, and sad for those also involved behind the scenes in getting the magazine from computer to hard copy into the homes of the readers. 

As a writer myself who has always hoped to write for magazines (that's my 'one day' wish along with being a published author) it could be seen as a kick in the teeth and make me wail about the way content writing is going. 

And I guess I would - if it wasn't for the fact that sitting next to me on my desk are three very lovely magazines I've bought just in this last fortnight alone.

Writing about not writing

My head is like the today's sky which was smothered with an eerie Sahara sand. Casting a strange sepia light onto the earth below. I want to write, I see glimmers of the red sun, and clear skies in the distance, but however long I drive I can't quite reach them.

I took last week off. And half of the week before. And when I say off I mean off writing, off blogging. At first I tried other creative pursuits. I recorded film, I made my Instagram Stories mini-films, I read magazines, listened to podcasts.

How I make mini-films for Instagram Stories

Since I changed how I create my Instagram Stories at the end of August I have had some lovely comments about them both in person, on Instagram and on Twitter. 

And one question I keep getting is - how do you make them? What app do you use?

Well, very simply I use my iPhone and iMovie on my computer. I don't use iMovie on my phone or iPad because I find it far too fiddly but I'm sure it's possible. You also don't need an iPhone. You can use a normal camera or an android phone. Just make sure you shoot your video in portrait and not horizontal. (Such a weird thing to do after having it drummed in you that you must film horizontally to avoid the black bars either side of the film!)

My beautiful relationship with homemade damson jam (plus recipe)

You know when you haven't seen a really good friend for ages but when you meet up it's like you've never been apart? Well, that's how it is with me and homemade damson jam.

And I don't mean it's lesser cousin, shop bought damson jam, I mean HOMEMADE damson jam.

I have been looking forward to making damson jam now for two whole years. We planted the tree about four years ago and it bore fruit in it's second year. Only enough for about four jars of jam, but that was four jars of a-mazing jam.

Then, last year, there was nothing. Not a single solitary damson.