Welcome Home Smartie Cookies

Right now my kitchen is warm and has that beautifully welcoming and homely smell of vanilla and coffee. The scent of the vanilla is sweet. It reminds me of buttercreams, of sponges and syrups. It reminds me of our old house. The house we lived for nine years, where I discovered the joy of writing and flirted with a cake-making business. For a while I was torn between the two as I only had limited time and the baking often edged ahead.

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Cosy Autumnal Purchases

One thing I don’t tend to do on my blog is to list my recent purchases unless they’re book (or desk) related. The reason being, I don’t buy that much for myself or the house. We have towels in the airing cupboard that we’ve had longer than the children and I often go barefoot or just wear socks instead of using slippers.

However, the contrast between then summer heat and the cooler autumn months is making an impact on me. I need cosy. I need comfort. And I need a hand-towel that doesn’t look threadbare and stained no matter how hot we wash it.

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My writing month October 2018

It’s a real cliche but October went by fast. It was the month of my birthday, the month where the early morning starts with the puppy started to take its toll and the month of half term.

Which is my way of leading up to the fact that October didn’t go as well for me as I’d hoped on the writing front. I suppose this is unsurprising when I think of everything I achieved in September. You cannot keep going at full throttle; at some point you have to slow down and sort the house, spend time with your family and clean out the chicken houses!

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The opposite end of childhood.

I’ve been a mother now for fifteen years and a few months and a mother of two for nearly ten years.

Reading that sentence back is still incredible for me. There is so much focus and attention on the early years but it’s like once those tearful, toddler tantrums are done time speeds up. Their growth is lost in a sea of spellings, a clean P.E kit, a lost P.E kit, birthday parties, school terms, Christmases, summer holidays, trips for school shoes, uniforms. Then suddenly your children are having grown up conversations with you. Your youngest is correcting your grammar or telling you what the meaning of a word is. Your eldest is explaining something scientific that goes straight over your head. And it feels like its’s always been this way.

Yet fifteen years ago I thought time had stood still. I was there, in my lounge - I spent a lot of time in the lounge back then - feeding my son for, what felt like, the twentieth time that day, and I thought I was the worst mother in the world. Because I hated it….

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Running my own race and no-one else's

I was watching a YouTube video the other day. It was by a successful author entrepreneur and something she said really resonated with me.

(Now I’m paraphrasing here so bear with.)

When it comes to your own creative endeavours, run your own race. At your own speed. In your own way. If you look over and see another woman running faster so try and run like her: speed, gait, mannerisms - you are no longer running your race.

You’re running hers…

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Why I'm creating a YouTube Channel

YouTube has been a platform I’ve wanted to do for ages. In fact, I’ve already got some videos uploaded on there. But I’ve never had the courage to really go for it. I love filming. I love the creativity of editing where you try and find the story amongst the hours of footage you’ve recorded. It is something that both intrigues me but also scares the hell out of me. The perfect combination.

This is a post about why I’m branching out to YouTube plus includes an introductory video!

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