Is there ageism in blogging?

I'm driving home from the school run listening to Chris Evans on Radio Two when an interview with Roger Daltrey of The Who comes on. Roger has just recorded a new album and a new song has 'dropped' (this means his single has just been released for those the same age and older than me) which was then played. His powerful vocals and the music carry with it an unmistakable and inspiring energy.

The man is seventy-four years old.

Then, as your mind wanders when you're driving, I thought about the Netflix series I'm currently watching for the second time: Grace & Frankie staring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Jane is eighty and Lily is seventy-eight. Both women have found themselves single in their seventies after their husbands left them (for each other). The series focuses on their friendship and rediscovering their place in the world after they've both had forty-year marriages and children.

Why I start the day creatively for a more productive day

I'm sat at my desk alternating between Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vero. I'm really annoying myself.

Then, out loud I say enough is enough and I grab my coffee, iPhone and a handful of chocolates (essentials) and head to the back door to pull on my wellibobs (I adore these mini wellies from Joules). 

Outside the back door I take a deep breath, then follow the dog to the chicken run where I let the eager birds out to eat grass, wade in the stream and scratch about for various insects and worms. I watch them for a while then chuck the cold dregs from my coffee, set the cup down on a sleeper (which I'll forget about until I fasten the chickens back in later) and pull my phone out my pocket. Switching to camera mode I hold it vertically and start recording video.

Is my slow-living life making me anxious?

My chickens and ducks are stressing me out, I wrote in one of the Facebook groups I belong to a few days ago. My slow-living life is actually making me anxious. My jaw is constantly clenched, making my teeth sensitive and the pain is going up into my ears.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring always means there's lots to be done. The ducks in particular are filthy creatures. Six of them in one house makes for a lot of mess and a lot of smell and the constant feeling that I'm not keeping on top of it.

What's Your Instagram Story, Bronte?

Today I am delighted to be interviewing Bronte Huskinson as part of my Instagram series of interviews called What's Your Instagram Story?

I first met Bronte through her mum, Sarah Newton, who started as a client and became a good friend - and now the three of us are part of the team behind Bookish Photography.

Bronte has recently been featured by Instagram in one of their weekend hashtag projects (#whpstripes) and her account has grown significantly. As has Bronte's creativity. As soon as she was featured she upped her game and became more and more adventurous with her Instagram feed. Bronte is also incredibly generous and shares how she has created her photos in her Instagram Stories.

What's Your Instagram Story, Jules?

Jules, of this is Jules on Instagram, was probably one of the first Instagrammers I followed who had a beautifully curated feed. Quite possibly this was well before I knew curated feeds were a thing - I would just look at how her pictures had similar colours and tones, how it all flowed seamlessly and wonder just how she did it.

I'm therefore delighted to welcome Jules to my blog to be interviewed for What's Your Instagram Story? She has been a huge inspiration to me in this wonderful world of squares.